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unknown /ˌʌnˈnəʊn◂ $ -ˈnoʊn◂/ adjective, adverb

ناشناخته ، مجهول ، ناشناس ، گمنام ، بی شهرت ، نامعلوم ، قانون ـ فقه: منکر ، ناشناخته ، روانشناسی: مجهول ، بازرگانی: مجهول ، علوم نظامی: نامعین
کامپیوتر: نا شناخته

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- hidden, concealed, dark, mysterious, secret, unrevealed
- strange, alien, new
- unidentified, anonymous, nameless, uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored, unnamed
- obscure, humble, unfamiliar
Antonyms: well-known

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I. unknown1 W2 /ˌʌnˈnəʊn◂ $ -ˈnoʊn◂/ adjective, adverb
[Word Family: adjective: knowing, knowledgeable, knownunknown; noun: knowledge, the unknown; adverb: knowinglyunknowingly, knowledgeably; verb: know]

1. not known about:
The murderer’s identity remains unknown.
For some unknown reason, Mark quit his job and moved to Greece.
a voyage through unknown territory
An unknown number of people were killed.

2. not famous:
an unknown artist

3. unknown to somebody without someone knowing:
Unknown to his wife, Ron had been having an affair.

4. be an unknown quantity if someone or something is an unknown quantity, you do not know what their abilities are or how they are likely to behave

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II. unknown2 noun [countable]

1. someone who is not famous:
At that point in her career she was still an unknown.

2. something that is not known:
The long-term effects of the drug are still an unknown.

3. the unknown
a) a place that is not known about or that has not been visited by humans:
The astronauts began their journey into the unknown.
b) things that you do not know or understand:
a fear of the unknown

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VERBS be | remain These sites remain largely unknown to the British public.
ADV. absolutely, completely, entirely, quite, totally, utterly His whereabouts were quite unknown during this period.
almost, practically, virtually This drug was practically unknown in Britain.
largely | comparatively, relatively She was then still comparatively unknown.
as yet, currently, still | hitherto, previously a period of democratic development previously unknown in their country
apparently | otherwise He cites the works of two otherwise unknown authors, the originals of these works having been lost.
PREP. to Gold was totally unknown to their civilization.

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I. place/thing that you know nothing about
ADJ. great What the weather will be like on the day is, as always, the great unknown.
PREP. into the ~ Motherhood was for her a journey into the unknown.
PHRASES fear of the unknown

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II. sb who is not well known
ADJ. complete The championship was won by a complete unknown.
virtual a cast of virtual unknowns

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DUBIOUS: I don't like driving on unknown roads.
GOOD: I don't like driving on unfamiliar roads.
DUBIOUS: The names on the list were unknown to me.
GOOD: The names on the list were unfamiliar to me.

Usage Note:
unknown usually describes something that people in general do not know or know very little about: 'Whether or not there is life on any of these planets remains unknown.' 'There are still some unknown species of animals in the South American rain forests.'
Something that you yourself have not seen, heard or experienced before is unfamiliar (to you): 'The voice on the phone sounded unfamiliar.' 'It took Steven some time to get used to his unfamiliar surroundings.'

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