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unsophisticated /ˌʌnsəˈfɪstəkeɪtəd◂, ˌʌnsəˈfɪstɪkeɪtəd◂/ adjective

بی حیله ، ساده ، بی تزویر ، جانزده
- natural, artless, childlike, guileless, ingenuous, unaffected
- simple, plain, uncomplicated, unrefined, unspecialized
Antonyms: sophisticated
Contrasted words: finished, polished, smooth, suave
Related Words: authentic, bona fide, genuine, callow, crude, green, uncouth

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unsophisticated /ˌʌnsəˈfɪstəkeɪtəd◂, ˌʌnsəˈfɪstɪkeɪtəd◂/ adjective

1. not having much knowledge or experience of modern and fashionable things:
an unsophisticated audience

2. unsophisticated tools, methods, or processes are simple and do not have all the features of more modern ones Synonym : crude

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