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usefulness /ˈjuːsfəlnəs, ˈjuːsfəlnɪs/ noun [uncountable]

سودمندی ، مفیدبودن
Synonyms: helpfulness, benefit, convenience, effectiveness, efficacy, practicality, use, utility, value, worth
Antonyms: uselessness

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usefulness /ˈjuːsfəlnəs, ˈjuːsfəlnɪs/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: usage, use, disuse, misuse, reuse, usefulnessuselessness, user; adjective: reusable, used ≠ unused, disused, usefuluseless, usableunusable; verb: use, misuse, reuse; adverb: usefullyuselessly]
the state of being useful or the degree to which something is useful
usefulness of
There are doubts as to the usefulness of this approach (=it may not be useful).
As a commuter service, the ferry has outlived its usefulness (=is no longer useful).

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ADJ. limited, some | general | practical | potential
VERB + USEFULNESS have | increase | diminish, limit, reduce Badly written questions limit the usefulness of questionnaires.
assess, evaluate, question | demonstrate, prove | exhaust, outlive The advisory group has outlived its usefulness.
PREP. of … ~ The theory is of limited usefulness.
~ for the exam's usefulness for ranking students
~ in the drug's usefulness in the treatment of cancer
~ to The report is of potential usefulness to the government.

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