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variety /vəˈraɪəti/ noun (plural varieties)

ورده ، واریته ، نمایشی که مرکب از چند قطعه متنوع باشد ، گوناگونی ، متنوع ، جورواجور ، زیست شناسی: واریته ، بازرگانی: تنوع
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: تنوع - متنوع

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- diversity, change, difference, discrepancy, diversification, multifariousness, variation
- range, array, assortment, collection, cross section, medley, miscellany, mixture
- type, brand, breed, category, class, kind, sort, species, strain
Related Words: diversification, heterogeneity, variation, conglomeration, medley, miscellany, classification, grade, rank
English Thesaurus: type/kind/sort, kind, sort, form, variety, ...

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variety S2 W1 /vəˈraɪəti/ noun (plural varieties)
[Word Family: noun: variable, variance, variant, variety, variability, variation; adjective: variableinvariable, varied, various; adverb: variablyinvariably, variously; verb: vary]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: variété, from Latin varietas, from varius; various]

1. a variety of something a lot of things of the same type that are different from each other in some way:
The girls come from a variety of different backgrounds.
If you are using a variety of before a plural noun, it is better to use a plural verb, although a singular verb is sometimes used:
A variety of techniques were used.

2. [uncountable] the differences within a group, set of actions etc that make it interesting:
I really like the variety the store has to offer.
give/add/bring variety (to something) (=make something more interesting)
Occasionally working from home adds variety to a job.

3. [countable] a type of thing, such as a plant or animal, that is different from others in the same group
variety of
The lake has more than 20 varieties of fish.

4. [countable usually singular] a particular type of person or thing – often used humorously
of the ... variety
Lon has no patience with anything of the child variety.

5. variety is the spice of life used to say that doing a lot of different things, meeting different people etc is what makes life interesting

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I. not being the same; different kinds of sth
ADJ. amazing, astonishing, bewildering, considerable, endless, enormous, exciting, extraordinary, fascinating, good, great, huge, impressive, incredible, infinite, large, remarkable, rich, surprising, tremendous, vast, wide, wonderful The market sold a bewildering variety of cheeses. the rich variety of the local bird life
VERB + VARIETY add, give, offer Dealing with customers adds variety to the job.
PREP. of … ~ a country of great variety
~ in There is wide variety in shape and colour.
~ of Menus offer a good variety of seafood.

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II. particular type of sth
ADJ. distinctive | common-or-garden, standard | rare, unusual | different There are hundreds of different varieties of apple.
new, old Old varieties of rose can be less resistant to diseases.

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a wide/great/large variety
They hold debates on a wide variety of topics.
a huge/enormous variety
Fruit is eaten by a huge variety of animals and birds.
an infinite/endless variety
There is a seemingly infinite variety of beers to choose from.
a rich variety
A rich variety of plants grow here.
a bewildering variety (=so many that you feel confused)
There is a bewildering variety of roses to choose from.
an amazing variety
The market has an amazing variety of fresh fish.

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