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watchful /ˈwɒtʃfəl $ ˈwɑːtʃ-, ˈwɒːtʃ-/ adjective

(watchfulness) مواظب ، مراقب ، پاسدار ، بی خواب ، دقیق ، هشیاری ، مراقبت
Synonyms: alert, attentive, observant, on the lookout, suspicious, vigilant, wary, wide awake
Antonyms: unwatchful
Contrasted words: careless, heedless, thoughtless, inadvertent, absentminded, abstracted, faraway
Related Idioms: keeping one's eyes peeled (or open), on the watch (or lookout)
Related Words: cautious, chary, circumspect, wary, prompt, quick, ready

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watchful /ˈwɒtʃfəl $ ˈwɑːtʃ-, ˈwɒːtʃ-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: watch, watcher; adjective: watchful, watchable; verb: watch]

1. very careful to notice what is happening, and to make sure that everything is all right:
The entrances are guarded by watchful security staff.
His eyes were watchful.
Keep a watchful eye on elderly residents.

2. under sb’s watchful eye following someone’s instructions or with someone’s help:
Learn the basics under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor.
—watchfully adverb
—watchfulness noun [uncountable]

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