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while /waɪl/ conjunction
while noun
while verb

در صورتیکه ، هنگامیکه ، حال انکه ، مادامیکه ، در حین ، تاموقعی که ، سپری کردن ، گذراندن
Synonyms: bit, space, spell, stretch, time, whet, occasion, instant, moment, effort, elbow grease, exertion, pains, trouble
Synonyms: though, albeit, although, howbeit, much as, when, whereas
Synonyms: beguile, fleet, wile
Related Words: amuse, divert, entertain, brighten, enliven, lighten
English Thesaurus: time, occasion, moment, point, a long time, ...

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I. while1 S1 W1 /waɪl/ conjunction

1. during the time that something is happening:
They arrived while we were having dinner.
While she was asleep, thieves broke in and stole her handbag.
She met Andy while working on a production of Carmen.

2. all the time that something is happening:
Would you look after the children while I do the shopping?
In a clause beginning with while that refers to the future, use the present tense, not 'will':
I will enjoy my fame while it lasts (NOT while it will last).

3. used to emphasize the difference between two situations, activities etc:
Schools in the north tend to be better equipped, while those in the south are relatively poor.

4. in spite of the fact that Synonym : although:
While never a big eater, he did snack a lot.
While there was no conclusive evidence, most people thought he was guilty.

5. while I’m/you’re etc at/about it spoken used to suggest that someone should do something at the same time that they do something else:
Print out what you’ve written, and while you’re at it make a copy for me.

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II. while2 S1 W2 noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: hwil]

1. a while a period of time, especially a short one:
It takes a while to recover from the operation.
in a while
Mr Thomas will be with you in a while.
for a while
At last, he could relax for a while.
a little/short while
Wait a little while before deciding.
We talked for quite a while (=a fairly long time) on the phone.

2. all the while all the time that something is happening:
He examined her thoroughly, talking softly all the while.
She continued working, all the while keeping an eye on the clock.
(every) once in a while at once1(8), ⇒ be worth sb’s while (to do/doing something) at worth1(5), ⇒ make it worth sb’s while at worth1(6)

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III. while3 verb
while away the hours/evening/days etc to spend time in a pleasant and lazy way:
The evenings were whiled away in endless games of cards.

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ADJ. brief, little, short | fair, good, long, some Things continued quiet for some while.
VERB + WHILE take I'll mend it for you, but it could take a while.
PREP. after a ~ After a while, I began to get bored with my job.
for a/the ~ They chatted for a while. There's no need to do anything for the while.
in a ~ I'll be back in a while.
PHRASES all the while The bird hopped across the lawn, keeping a sharp lookout all the while.
once in a while Everybody makes a mistake once in a while (= occasionally).
(for) quite a while He kept me waiting for quite a while.
a while back The problems started a while back.

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BAD: The Japanese have a tendency to keep silent while meetings.
GOOD: The Japanese have a tendency to keep silent during meetings.

Usage Note:
While (conjunction) introduces a clause: 'While we were on holiday, we did a lot of walking.'
During (preposition) introduces a noun phrase: 'During the holiday we did a lot of walking.'

BAD: While I drove to the airport, my car broke down.
GOOD: While I was driving to the airport, my car broke down.

Usage Note:
To refer to a 'background action', use the past progressive tense
(was /were doing ): 'While I was having a bath, the telephone rang.'

BAD: Who will look after the children while you will be at work?
GOOD: Who will look after the children while you are at work?

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