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worth /wɜːθ $ wɜːrθ/ preposition

ازرش ، قیمت ، بها ، سزاوار ، ثروت ، با ارزش ، قانون ـ فقه: بها ، بازرگانی: ارزش
مهندسی صنایع: ارزش، بها
عبارتست از حداقل هزینه ای که برای انجام یک عملکرد لازم است

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- value, cost, price, rate, valuation
- excellence, goodness, importance, merit, quality, usefulness, value, worthiness
Antonyms: worthlessness
Contrasted words: baseness, meanness, paltriness, poorness
Related Words: class, excellence, merit, perfection, quality, virtue, rate, use, usefulness, utility, consequence, importance, mark, moment, note, significance, weight

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. worth1 S1 W2 /wɜːθ $ wɜːrθ/ preposition
[Language: Old English; Origin: weorth 'worthy, of a particular value']

1. be worth something
a) to have a value in money:
The house must be worth quite a lot of money now.
One of the pictures is worth £50,000.
Do you know how much the ring is worth?
This art collection is worth a fortune (=worth a very large amount of money).
be worth nothing/not be worth anything
It’s a very old machine so I shouldn’t think it’s worth anything.
b) to have money or possessions that have value:
I’ve heard that he’s worth over $2 million.
The man who founded the company must be worth a fortune.
Worth is not a verb. Do not say that something ‘worths’ something.

2. be worth (doing) something
a) used to say that something is interesting, useful, or helpful:
A lot of the small towns in the area are definitely worth visiting.
The film is well worth seeing.
worth a trip/visit etc
The local museum is worth a visit.
b) used to say that someone should do something because they will gain something from it
be worth doing something
It’s worth checking the details of the contract before you sign it.
It’s well worth getting there early if you want a good seat.
be worth the time/effort/work
It was a great evening, and definitely worth all the hard work.

3. be worth it informal used to say that you gain something from an action:
It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it.

4. be not worth it informal used to say that you do not gain anything from an action:
I thought about trying to talk to him about it, but decided it wasn’t worth it.

5. be worth sb’s while (to do/doing something) spoken used to say that someone should spend time or money on something because they will gain something from it:
It might be worth your while to talk to the head of department.
Some people feel it’s not worth their while working if they can get money from the state.

6. make it worth sb’s while spoken to offer something to someone so that they will do something for you:
He promised to make it worth our while.

7. what’s it worth (to you)? spoken used humorously to ask someone how they will reward you if you do something for them

8. for what it’s worth spoken used when you are giving someone information, to say that you are not sure how useful it is:
Here’s the list of names, for what it’s worth.

9. for all you are/he is etc worth with as much effort as possible:
He was pulling the rope for all he was worth.

10. worth his/her salt doing their job well or deserving respect:
Any player worth his salt would love to play for his country.

11. worth your/its weight in gold very useful:
In these mountains, an experienced guide is worth his weight in gold.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

II. worth2 W3 noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: worth, worthlessness, worthy, unworthiness; adjective: worth, worthless, worthwhile, worthyunworthy]
[Language: Old English; Origin: weorth]

1. ten pounds’ worth/$500 worth etc of something an amount of something worth ten pounds, $500 etc:
a chance to win £2,000 worth of computing equipment
The fire caused thousands of pounds’ worth of damage.

2. ten minutes’ worth/a week’s worth etc of something something that takes ten minutes, a week etc to happen, do, or use:
We had only three days’ worth of food left.

3. how good or useful something is or how important it is to people Synonym : value:
The new computer system has already proved its worth.

4. how much money something is worth Synonym : value:
It is difficult to estimate the current worth of the company.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

VERBS be | become | make sth | consider sth, think sth Most of the candidates were not considered worth interviewing.
ADV. really, well This book is well worth reading.
certainly, definitely | barely, hardly, scarcely It's so unimportant it's hardly worth mentioning.
almost | potentially | reportedly, reputedly | always It's always worth seeing if you can get a cheap, last-minute deal.
PREP. to This order is potentially worth millions of pounds to the company.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

ADJ. real, true | intrinsic, objective Study has an intrinsic worth, as well as helping you achieve your goals.
individual, own, personal, self | moral | economic, financial, market Some experts doubt the economic worth of the project. The insurance company agreed to pay the car's current market worth.
net | literary, musical
VERB + WORTH have | prove The emergency lighting has proved its worth this year.
affirm Asking for advice from people affirms their personal worth.
find out, learn, realize I only found out its real worth when I tried to buy another one.
appreciate, know They don't appreciate her true worth. She knows her own worth.
doubt, express doubts about, question | assess, estimate, give sb an estimate of Can you give me some estimate of its worth?
PREP. of ~ He never contributed anything of worth to the conversation.
~ to This necklace isn't worth anything in money terms, but its worth to me is incalculable.
PHRASES at sb/sth's real/true worth They don't appreciate her at her real worth.
of proven worth They are looking for a new sales manager of proven worth.
a sense of (your own) worth She has no sense of her own worth.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

BAD: The ring has great sentimental worth.
GOOD: The ring has great sentimental value.
BAD: They do not appreciate the worth of life.
GOOD: They do not appreciate the value of life.

Usage Note:
Worth is usually used as a preposition: 'A four-bedroomed house in the middle of town is probably worth about £200,000.'
The noun related to worth is value : 'The current value of property is very low compared with this time last year.'
Compare: 'That watch is worth fifty pounds.' 'That watch has a value of fifty pounds.'

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Common Errors

BAD: The missing ring worths about two thousand pounds.
GOOD: The missing ring is worth about two thousand pounds.
BAD: A holiday doesn't worth all the effort it takes preparing for it.
GOOD: A holiday isn't worth all the effort it takes preparing for it.

Usage Note:
be worth £20/very little/a fortune etc : 'These old computers aren't worth much nowadays.'

BAD: It's also worth to visit the north of England if you have time.
GOOD: It's also worth visiting the north of England if you have time.
BAD: The museum was certainly worth to see.
GOOD: The museum was certainly worth seeing.

Usage Note:
it's worth doing sth; sth is worth doing (NOT to do ): 'It's worth remembering that these old cars can be very expensive to run.'

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