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wolf /wʊlf/ noun (plural wolves /wʊlvz/) [countable]

Irregular Forms: (pl) wolves

(ج.ش). گرگ ، حریصانه خوردن ، بوحشت انداختن
Synonyms: Casanova, chaser, Don Juan, ladies' man, lady-killer, masher, philander, philanderer, womanizer
Synonyms: gulp, bolt, cram, englut, gobble, guzzle, ingurgitate, slop, slosh, philander, fool (around), mess around, play (around), womanize
Related Idioms: man on the make, skirt chaser
Related Words: amorist, lecher, libertine, Lothario, profligate, rip, roué, rounder

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I. wolf1 /wʊlf/ noun (plural wolves /wʊlvz/) [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: wulf]

1. a wild animal that looks like a large dog and lives and hunts in groups:
a pack of wolves

2. a wolf in sheep’s clothing someone who seems to be friendly or harmless but is in fact dangerous, dishonest etc

3. keep the wolf from the door to earn just enough money to buy the basic things you need:
I work part-time in a coffee shop just to keep the wolf from the door.
—wolfish adjective:
a wolfish grin
cry wolf at cry1(7), ⇒ lone wolf at lone(3)

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II. wolf2 (also wolf down) verb [transitive]
informal to eat something very quickly, swallowing it in big pieces Synonym : gobble

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ADJ. lone A lone wolf howled under the full moon.
marauding, ravening, slavering (figurative) She called the media ‘ravening wolves’.
QUANT. pack
WOLF + VERB bark, growl, howl | hunt
WOLF + NOUN cub | pack

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See: cry wolf , keep the wolf from the door , lone wolf , throw to the wolves

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