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worry /ˈwʌri $ ˈwɜːri/ verb (past tense and past participle worried, present participle worrying, third person singular worries)
worry noun (plural worries)

اندیشناکی ، اندیشناک کردن یابودن ، نگران کردن ، اذیت کردن ، بستوه اوردن ، اندیشه ، نگرانی ، اضطراب ، دلواپسی ، روانشناسی: نگرانی
- be anxious, agonize, brood, fret
- trouble, annoy, bother, disturb, perturb, pester, unsettle, upset, vex
- anxiety, apprehension, concern, fear, misgiving, trepidation, trouble, unease
- problem, bother, care, hassle (informal), trouble
Contrasted words: comfort, console, solace, alleviate, assuage, ease, relieve, accept, submit, abide, bear, endure, stand, support, disregard, ignore, overlook, pass over, composure, equanimity, sangfroid, assurance, certainty, certitude, confidence, security
Related Idioms: give one gyp, be upset, bite one's nails
Related Words: beset, bother, fret, pelt, trouble, vex, goad, test, try, afflict, torment, torture, aggrieve, oppress, persecute, wrong, carry on, take on, despair, give up, concern (oneself), agitate, disquiet, disturb, presentiment, doubt, mistrust, uncertainty, anguish, heartache, woe
English Thesaurus: worry, concern, troubles, cares, hang-up, ...

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I. worry1 S1 W2 /ˈwʌri $ ˈwɜːri/ verb (past tense and past participle worried, present participle worrying, third person singular worries)
[Word Family: adjective: worriedUNWORRIED, worrying, worrisome; noun: worry, worrier; adverb: worryingly, worriedly; verb: worry]
[Language: Old English; Origin: wyrgan 'to strangle']

1. BE ANXIOUS [intransitive] to be anxious or unhappy about someone or something, so that you think about them a lot
worry about
I worry about my daughter.
You’ve really got no need to worry about your weight.
worry (that)
She worried that she wasn’t doing enough to help.
worry over
Dad worries over the slightest thing.
Don’t tell Mum about this – she’s got enough to worry about (=she already has a lot of problems or is very busy).

2. don’t worry spoken
a) used when you are trying to make someone feel less anxious:
Don’t worry, darling, Daddy’s here.
don’t worry if
Don’t worry if you can’t finish all the questions.
b) used to tell someone that they do not need to do something
don’t worry about
Don’t worry about sorting them out – I’ll do it later.
c) used to tell someone that you will definitely do something:
Don’t you worry, I’ll make sure he does his fair share.

3. MAKE SOMEBODY ANXIOUS [transitive] to make someone feel anxious about something:
The recent changes in the Earth’s climate are beginning to worry scientists.
I didn’t tell Mum and Dad – I didn’t want to worry them.
what worries me is .../the (only) thing that worries me is ...
The only thing that worries me is the food. I don’t want to get food poisoning.
Doesn’t it worry you that Sarah spends so much time away from home?
worry yourself (=feel anxious, especially when there is no need to)
You’re worrying yourself unnecessarily.

4. not to worry British English spoken used to say that something is not important:
Not to worry, we can always go another time.

5. nothing to worry about spoken used to tell someone that something is not as serious or difficult as they think:
It’s just a check-up – nothing to worry about.

6. ANNOY [transitive] to annoy someone Synonym : bother:
The heat didn’t seem to worry him.

7. ANIMAL [transitive] if a dog worries sheep, it tries to bite or kill them
worry at something phrasal verb

1. if an animal worries at a bone or piece of meat, it bites and shakes it

2. if you worry at a problem, you think about it a lot in order to find a solution

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II. worry2 S2 noun (plural worries)
[Word Family: adjective: worriedUNWORRIED, worrying, worrisome; noun: worry, worrier; adverb: worryingly, worriedly; verb: worry]

1. [countable] a problem that you are anxious about or are not sure how to deal with
sb’s main/biggest/real etc worry
My main worry is finding somewhere to live.
I had a lot of financial worries.
be a worry to/for somebody
Money was always a big worry for us.

In written English, people often prefer to use concern rather than worry, because it sounds more formal:
One of voters’ key concerns is crime.

2. [uncountable and countable] the feeling of being anxious about something
be frantic/sick/desperate etc with worry (=feel extremely anxious)
His mother was desperate with worry.
He’s been a constant source of worry.
worry about
We had no worries about safety.

3. no worries British English spoken used to agree to what someone wants and to say that it will be no problem:
‘Can you deliver on Thursday?’ ‘Yeah, no worries, mate.’

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ADJ. big, considerable, great, main, major, real, serious Paying the mortgage is a big worry for many people. Her mother's poor health caused her considerable worry. My greatest worry is that he'll do something stupid.
slight | constant The money side of things has been a constant worry.
unnecessary She gave her parents unnecessary worry when she forgot to phone them.
immediate My immediate worry is money.
nagging, niggling I had a nagging worry that we weren't going to get there.
secret It was a relief to share my secret worries with him.
business, economic, financial, money | health
VERB + WORRY have That year he had major health worries.
be beset by She wanted to enjoy her retirement without being beset by financial worries.
be frantic/ill/out of your mind/sick with I didn't know where he was and I was frantic with worry.
express | share | cause (sb), give sb | arouse, prompt The earth tremors prompted worries of a second major earthquake.
add to, increase The fact that she heard nothing from him only increased her worry.
forget Try and forget your worries for a little while.
ease | remove, take out Take the worry out of travelling with our holiday insurance offer.
WORRY + VERB disappear | prove groundless/unfounded Most of Nigel's worries proved groundless.
PREP. amid ~ The pound has fallen to a new low amid worries that the British economy is heading for trouble.
with ~ He was sick with worry about everything.
~ about, ~ over They will not have worries over money.
~ to His mother's health is an enormous worry to him.
PHRASES cause for worry There is no immediate cause for worry.
free from worry, freedom from worry, have no worries on that account/score The staff all work very hard?we've got no worries on that account.
the least of your worries When he lost his job, the size of his flat was the least of his worries.
a source of worry Money is a constant source of worry.

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ADV. a lot, particularly, really, terribly She worries a lot about crime. What really worries me is what we do if there's nobody there.
slightly | needlessly, unduly, unnecessarily You do worry unnecessarily, you know.
not too much Don't worry too much about it.
VERB + WORRY not let sth, not need to Don't let it worry you unduly.
begin to | tell sb not to
PREP. about Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
with Don't worry the driver with unnecessary requests.
PHRASES enough/nothing to worry about Don't bother Harry?he has enough to worry about as it is.
stop worrying Stop worrying, Dad, we'll be fine.
worry yourself sick/to death (informal)

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sb’s main/biggest worry
My biggest worry is that I might make a fool of myself.
a major/big/great worry
Traffic congestion is not yet a major worry in the area.
a real worry
It's a real worry that he is so far away.
somebody's only worry
My only worry was that she wouldn't like it.
a constant worry
For shopkeepers here, break-ins are a constant worry.
a nagging worry (=one that you keep worrying about)
She had a little nagging worry in the back of her mind about how Mickey would react.
financial/money worries
Bach’s last years were clouded by financial worries.
a worry is unfounded (=there is no reason to worry)
Fortunately their worries were unfounded and the astronauts returned safely to Earth.
a source/cause of worry
Her children were a constant source of worry.
be sick/frantic with worry
The girl's mother was sick with worry over her missing daughter.

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