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worship /ˈwɜːʃɪp $ ˈwɜːr-/ verb (past tense and past participle worshipped, present participle worshipping also worshiped, worshiping)

طاعت ، ستایش ، عبادت ، پرستش کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: عبادت ، روانشناسی: پرستش
- praise, adore, exalt, glorify, honour, pray to, revere, venerate
- love, adore, idolize, put on a pedestal
- praise, adoration, adulation, devotion, glory, honour, regard, respect, reverence
Antonyms: abominate, scorn
Contrasted words: contemn, despise, disdain, flout, scorn, curse, execrate, vilify

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Worship noun
Your/His Worship a title of respect for a public official in the UK such as a mayor or a magistrate:
Pray silence for His Worship the Mayor.

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I. worship1 /ˈwɜːʃɪp $ ˈwɜːr-/ verb (past tense and past participle worshipped, present participle worshipping also worshiped, worshiping American English)

1. [intransitive and transitive] to show respect and love for a god, especially by praying in a religious building:
They all worship the same god.
a church where people have worshipped for hundreds of years

2. [transitive] to admire and love someone very much:
He absolutely worships her.

3. worship the ground somebody walks on to admire or love someone so much that you cannot see their faults
—worshipper noun [countable]:
She was a regular worshipper at the parish church.
hero worship

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II. worship2 noun [uncountable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: weorthscipe 'being worthy, respect', from weorth (worth1) + -scipe (, -ship)]

1. the activity of praying or singing in a religious building in order to show respect and love for a god
in worship
They bowed their heads in worship.
worship of
Worship of the old gods still continues in remote areas of the country.
The ceremony must take place in a recognized place of worship.
We were invited to join in their act of worship (=religious ceremony).

2. Your/His Worship British English formal used to talk to or about a public official such as a mayor or magistrate

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ADJ. daily, regular | evening, morning | Sunday | public | collective | religious | divine | Christian, Hindu, etc. | pagan | ancestor, nature, sun | idol, image | hero his hero worship of the national team
VERB + WORSHIP conduct, lead Our worship today is led by the Reverend John Parker.
PREP. in ~ the use of music in worship
PHRASES an act of worship, forms of worship, freedom of worship Under the new regime, all religions enjoy freedom of worship.
a place of worship Fifteen per cent of the population attend a place of worship.

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