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accustom /əˈkʌstəm/ verb [transitive]

عادت دادن ، اشنا کردن ، اشنا شدن ، معتاد ساختن ، معتاد شدن ، عادت ، خو گرفتن ، انس گرفتن
Synonyms: adapt, acclimatize, acquaint, discipline, exercise, familiarize, train
Antonyms: disaccustom
Contrasted words: alienate, estrange, wean, abjure, reject, repudiate, rebuff, repel, repulse, scorn
Related Words: accommodate, adapt, adjust, acclimatize, harden, season

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accustom /əˈkʌstəm/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: adjective: customary, custom, customizable, accustomed; noun: custom, customer, customs; verb: accustom, customize; adverb: customarily]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: acostumer, from costume 'custom']
to make yourself or another person become used to a situation or place
accustom yourself to something
It took a while for me to accustom myself to all the new rules and regulations.

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BAD: I am beginning to accustom to the British way of life.
GOOD: I am beginning to get accustomed to the British way of life.

Usage Note:
be/become/get/grow accustomed to sth : 'Within a few minutes, my eyes had grown accustomed to the dark.'
Note that, apart from in formal styles, most people prefer be/become/ get/grow used to : 'I am beginning to get used to the British way of life.'

BAD: Where I come from, we are not accustomed to see so many things in the shops.
GOOD: Where I come from, we are not accustomed to seeing so many things in the shops.

Usage Note:
be accustomed to doing sth (NOT to do ): 'He was accustomed to leading a life of luxury.'

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