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customary /ˈkʌstəməri $ -meri/ adjective

عادی ، مرسوم ، قانون ـ فقه: متعارف ، عرف
Synonyms: usual, accepted, accustomed, common, conventional, established, normal, ordinary, routine, traditional
Antonyms: uncustomary
Contrasted words: occasional, infrequent, inhabitual, sporadic, uncommon, irregular
Related Idioms: being the customary (or usual) thing
Related Words: acknowledged, recognized, understood, standard, conventional, orthodox, traditional, prescriptive, regulation, stipulated, household, popular, general, universal

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customary /ˈkʌstəməri $ -meri/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: customary, custom, customizable, accustomed; noun: custom, customer, customs; verb: accustom, customize; adverb: customarily]

1. something that is customary is normal because it is the way something is usually done Synonym : usual
it is customary (for somebody) to do something
In some cultures it is customary for the bride to wear white.

2. [only before noun] someone’s customary behaviour is the way they usually do things Synonym : usual:
Barbara answered with her customary enthusiasm.
—customarily /ˈkʌstəmərəli, ˈkʌstəmərɪli $ ˌkʌstəˈmerəli/ adverb

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