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added /ˈædəd, ˈædɪd/ adjective

افزوده ، اضافه شده ، مضاف
Synonyms: additional, another, else, farther, fresh, further, more, new, other
English Thesaurus: extra, additional, added, spare, actor, ...

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added /ˈædəd, ˈædɪd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: addition, additive; adjective: additonal, added; verb: add; adverb: additionally]
in addition to what is usual or expected Synonym : extra:
cereal with added vitamins
no added sugar
added advantage/bonus/benefit etc
The system has the added advantage of recordable DVD drives.
Include people in your picture for added interest.
added difficulty/problem etc
Our yard is only small, and has the added disadvantage of facing north.
It may not be necessary to go to the added expense of updating your anti-virus software.

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