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addition /əˈdɪʃən/ noun

افزایش ، اضافه ، لقب ، متمم اسم ، اسم اضافی ، ضمیمه ، (ر). جمع (زدن) ، (ش). ترکیب چندماده با هم ، علوم مهندسی: افزایش
- inclusion, adding, amplification, attachment, augmentation, enlargement, extension, increasing
- extra, addendum, additive, appendage, appendix, extension, gain, increase, increment, supplement
- counting up, adding up, computation, totalling, totting up
- in addition to: as well (as), additionally, also, besides, into the bargain, moreover, over and above, to boot, too
Contrasted words: deduction, lessening, reduction
Related Words: accessory, adjunct, appanage, appurtenance, supplement, continuation, extension, rider, accrual, accruement, accumulation

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addition S3 W1 /əˈdɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: addition, additive; adjective: additonal, added; verb: add; adverb: additionally]

1. in addition used to add another piece of information to what you have just said:
The company provides cheap Internet access. In addition, it makes shareware freely available.
in addition to something
In addition to his movie work, Redford is known as a champion of environmental causes.

2. [uncountable] the act of adding something to something else
the addition of something
The addition of networking facilities will greatly enhance the system.
with the addition of something
Turn sparkling wine into Buck’s Fizz with the addition of chilled orange juice.

3. [countable] something that is added to something else, often in order to improve it
addition to
This excellent book will be a welcome addition to the library of any student.
latest/new/recent addition
the latest addition to our designer range

4. [uncountable] the process of adding numbers or amounts to make a total ⇒ subtraction

5. [countable] American English an extra room that is added to a building:
They built a big addition onto the back of the house.

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I. sth that is added
ADJ. useful, valuable, welcome, worthy | important, major, notable, significant | latest, new, recent
VERB + ADDITION make We have made several additions to the collection recently.
PREP. ~ to the latest addition to the family (= a new baby)

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II. process of adding numbers/amounts
ADJ. simple He worked it out through simple addition.
VERB + ADDITION do She can do addition, but she hasn't learned subtraction yet.

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See: in addition

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