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admire /ədˈmaɪə $ -ˈmaɪr/ verb [transitive not in progressive]

پسند کردن ، تحسین کردن ، حظ کردن ، (م.م). مورد شگفت قراردادن ، درشگفت شدن ، تعجب کردن ، متحیر کردن ، متعجب ساختن
- respect, appreciate, approve, esteem, look up to, praise, prize, think highly of, value
- marvel at, appreciate, delight in, take pleasure in, wonder at
Antonyms: disdain, abhor
Contrasted words: disesteem, disfavor, dislike, disrelish, mislike, abominate, detest, hate, loathe, contemn, despise, disdain, scorn
Related Idioms: go into raptures over, take delight in, have (or hold) a high opinion of, rate highly, set (great) store by, think much (or highly) of
Related Words: adore, revere, reverence, venerate, worship, appreciate, cherish, prize, treasure, value
English Thesaurus: admire, respect, revere, look up to somebody, think highly of somebody, ...

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admire S3 /ədˈmaɪə $ -ˈmaɪr/ verb [transitive not in progressive]
[Word Family: adjective: admirable, ADMIRED, admiring; noun: admiration, admirer; adverb: admirably, admiringly; verb: admire]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: admirer, from Latin admirari, from ad- 'to' + mirari 'to wonder']

1. to respect and like someone because they have done something that you think is good:
I really admire the way she brings up those kids all on her own.
admire somebody for (doing) something
Lewis was much admired for his work on medieval literature.

2. to look at something and think how beautiful or impressive it is:
We stopped halfway to admire the view.
Sal stood back to admire her work.

3. admire somebody from afar literary to be attracted to someone, without letting them know

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I. have high opinion of sb/sth
ADV. deeply, enormously, greatly, hugely, particularly, really He admires you enormously.
rather | clearly, openly | secretly She secretly admired and envied him.
VERB + ADMIRE have to You have to admire their dedication and commitment.
PREP. about What do you most admire about her?
for I rather admire him for his determination.
PHRASES be generally/widely admired He is widely admired as a journalist.
can't/couldn't help admiring/but admire I couldn't help but admire his determination.
you can only admire sb/sth You can only admire her courage and determination.

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II. look at sth attractive
VERB + ADMIRE pause to, stop to | stand/step back to He stood back to admire his handiwork.

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BAD: One hour is not long enough to admire all the exhibits.
GOOD: One hour is not long enough to see all the exhibits.
BAD: I enjoyed admiring all the old buildings.
GOOD: I enjoyed looking at all the old buildings.

Usage Note:
Do not use admire when you just mean 'see' or 'look at'. Admire means 'look at someone or something with a strong feeling of pleasure'. This meaning of admire is found mainly in novels and tourist brochures: 'Come and admire the magnificence of the Niagara Falls.' 'Rupert was sitting outside on the verandah, admiring the many jewels in the night sky.'

BAD: Although it was a sad film, I admired it very much.
GOOD: Although it was a sad film, I enjoyed it very much.
BAD: Everybody admired your talk because it was lively and interesting.
GOOD: Everybody enjoyed your talk because it was lively and interesting.

Usage Note:
Do not use admire when you mean 'enjoy'. Admire means 'have a very high opinion of someone': 'I've always admired people who think for themselves.' 'Lewis was probably best known and admired for his work on medieval literature.'

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