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admirer /ədˈmaɪərə $ -ˈmaɪrər/ noun [countable]

تحسین کننده ، ستاینده
- suitor, beau, boyfriend, lover, sweetheart, wooer
- fan, devotee, disciple, enthusiast, follower, partisan, supporter

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admirer /ədˈmaɪərə $ -ˈmaɪrər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: adjective: admirable, ADMIRED, admiring; noun: admiration, admirer; adverb: admirably, admiringly; verb: admire]

1. literary someone who likes a person and thinks that they are attractive:
a beautiful woman with many admirers
a secret admirer

2. someone who respects a famous person, especially because they like their work Synonym : fan:
a crowd of fervent admirers
admirer of
‘I’m a great admirer of yours,’ she managed to stammer.

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ADJ. ardent, devoted, fervent, great, keen | secret Perhaps the flowers were sent by a secret admirer!
QUANT. band, circle, host She was always surrounded by a circle of admirers.
VERB + ADMIRER have | gain, win She soon gained admirers in England and France.
PHRASES friends and admirers The funeral was attended by the singer's friends and admirers.

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