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advantage /ədˈvɑːntɪdʒ $ ədˈvæn-/ noun

(n.) فایده ، صرفه ، برتری ، بهتری ، تفوق
(vt.& vi.) مزیت دادن ، سودمند بودن ، مفید بودن ، عمران: مزیت ، روانشناسی: مزیت ، بازرگانی: نفع ، ورزش: امتیاز
مهندسی صنایع: برتری ، رجحان ، سود ، منفعت ، مزیت مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: مزیت - فایده

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Synonyms: benefit, ascendancy, dominance, good, help, lead, precedence, profit, superiority, sway
Antonyms: disadvantage, detriment
Contrasted words: embarrassment, hamper, hindrance, impediment, inconvenience, damage, harm, hurt, injury
Related Idioms: ace in the hole, inside track
Related Words: drop, jump, lead, running start, ascendancy, domination, leadership, mastery, superiority, upper hand, whip hand, betterment, improvement, enhancement, heightening
English Thesaurus: advantage, benefit, merit, virtue, the good/great/best thing about something, ...

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advantage S2 W1 /ədˈvɑːntɪdʒ $ ədˈvæn-/ noun
[Word Family: noun: advantagedisadvantage, the disadvantaged; adjective: advantageousdisadvantageous, advantageddisadvantaged; verb: disadvantage; adverb: advantageouslydisadvantageously]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: avantage, from avant 'before', from Latin abante; advance2]

1. [uncountable and countable] something that helps you to be more successful than others, or the state of having this Antonym : disadvantage
advantage over
Her experience meant that she had a big advantage over her opponent.
Younger workers tend to be at an advantage (=have an advantage) when applying for jobs.
It might be to your advantage (=it might help you) to take a computer course of some kind.

2. [uncountable and countable] a good or useful feature that something has
advantage of
One of the many advantages of living in New York is that you can eat out at almost any time of day.
advantage over
This printer has several advantages over conventional printers.

3. take advantage of somebody to treat someone unfairly in order to get what you want, especially someone who is generous or easily persuaded:
Don’t lend them the car – they’re taking advantage of you!

4. take advantage of something (to do something) to use a particular situation to do or get what you want:
I took advantage of the good weather to paint the shed.
You’ll want to take full advantage of the beach-front clubs.

5. use/turn something to your/good advantage to use something that you have or that happens in order to achieve something:
How could he turn the situation to his advantage?
Burns used his family connections to good advantage.

6. show something to (good/great) advantage to make the best features of someone or something very noticeable:
Her dress showed her tanned skin to great advantage.

7. advantage somebody used in tennis to show that the person named has won the next point after the score was 40–40

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I. thing that helps
ADJ. big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, overwhelming | clear, decided/decisive, definite, distinct, material, obvious, positive, real Breastfeeding offers a clear advantage to your baby.
key, main, major, important, significant | dubious | unfair The company has an unfair advantage over its competitors.
added, additional These computers have the added advantage of being cheap.
special | potential | comparative, relative | mutual The plan would be to our mutual advantage.
natural the natural advantages of countries with low labour costs
commercial, competitive, economic, educational, electoral, financial, military, personal, political, practical, psychological, social, strategic, tactical, technical, technological | cost, price, speed, tax
VERB + ADVANTAGE have | gain, get He would gain considerable advantage from staying in that job.
bring (sb), give sb, offer (sb) Another qualification would give me a big advantage at job interviews.
press home The commanders were keen to press home their advantage with a further offensive in the north.
outweigh They argue that the possible risks attached to such vaccines vastly outweigh any advantages.
PREP. to sb's ~ It is to your advantage to delay things for as long as possible.
~ in There may be some advantage in laying down a clearer procedure.
~ over East coast resorts have the advantage over west coast ones.
~ to the advantage to both countries of closer economic ties
PHRASES to good advantage, to sb/sth's best advantage The bright lighting showed the jewels to their best advantage.

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II. take advantage of: make use of
ADJ. full, maximum We took full advantage of the hotel facilities.

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have an advantage (also enjoy an advantage formal)
Our parents didn’t have all the advantages that we have.
Western countries enjoyed considerable advantages in terms of technology.
get/gain an advantage
Both teams tried to get an advantage.
give somebody an advantage
His height gives him a big advantage.
work to your advantage (=make you have an advantage – often used when this is unexpected)
Sometimes a lack of experience can work to your advantage.
see the advantage (=understand the advantage)
I can see the advantage of living near the station.
a big/great/massive/huge advantage
It’s a great advantage to be able to speak some Spanish.
a slight advantage (=a small one)
Karpov enjoyed a slight advantage over his opponent.
an unfair advantage
Companies that receive government subsidies have an unfair advantage.
a definite/distinct advantage (=one that you can clearly notice)
Electronic trading has a number of distinct advantages.
a real advantage (=a definite advantage)
The new system has some real advantages.
an added advantage (=an extra advantage)
Candidates with experience in Sales and Marketing would have an added advantage.
a political advantage
Republicans have a political advantage in most of those areas.
a military advantage
The military advantage had shifted towards the rebels.
a psychological advantage
Winning the first game gives you a psychological advantage over your opponent.
the advantages and disadvantages of something
the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city
the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (=the advantages are more valuable)
When it comes down to working from home, you have to decide if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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BAD: Although the film has its advantages, it also has a serious flaw.
GOOD: Although the film has its merits/good points, it also has a serious flaw.

Usage Note:
advantage = something that puts you in a better position than other people: 'A healthier lifestyle is just one of the advantages of living in the country.' 'The main advantage of using word processors is the amount of time you save.'
merit = a good quality; a strength: 'The merits of the new health programme are gradually being recognized.' 'We should judge each application on its own merits.'

BAD: Television provides many advantages.
GOOD: Television provides many benefits.

Usage Note:
benefit = a good result which improves your life or situation: 'Belonging to a union has a number of important benefits.' 'It's over a month since I got back from holiday, but I still feel the benefit.'

BAD: What are the advantages in studying in the United States?
GOOD: What are the advantages of studying in the United States?
BAD: There are many advantages of having your own computer.
GOOD: There are many advantages to/in having your own computer.

Usage Note:
the advantage/s of (doing/having) sth: 'He described the advantages of living in the countryside.' 'The advantages of independence soon became clear.'
there are (several/many etc) advantages to (doing/having) sth: 'There are advantages to working in a supermarket.' 'There are clear advantages to such an approach.' 'Are there any advantages in appointing coordinators?'

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See: take advantage of , to advantage

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