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advise /ədˈvaɪz/ verb

مشاوره کردن ، مستشاری ، نصیحت کردن ، اگاهانیدن ، توصیه دادن ، قضاوت کردن ، پند دادن ، رایزنی کردن ، علوم نظامی: نصیحت کردن
- recommend, admonish, caution, commend, counsel, prescribe, suggest, urge
- notify, acquaint, apprise, inform, make known, report, tell, warn
Contrasted words: bedazzle, misadvise, mislead
Related Words: caution, forewarn, warn, coax, induce, persuade, win (over), deliberate, disclose, let out, reveal, communicate, impart
English Thesaurus: advise, give advice, tell, recommend, suggest, ...

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advise S2 W2 /ədˈvaɪz/ verb
[Word Family: noun: advice, adviser, ADVISOR, advisability; adjective: advisableinadvisable, advisory; verb: advise; adverb: advisedly]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: aviser, from avis; advice]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to tell someone what you think they should do, especially when you know more than they do about something:
She needed someone to advise her.
‘Make sure that you keep the documents in a safe place,’ Otley advised him.
advise somebody to do something
Evans advised him to leave London.
You are strongly advised to take out medical insurance when visiting China.
advise somebody against (doing) something
I’d advise you against saying anything to the press.
advise that
Experts advise that sunscreen be reapplied every one to two hours.
advise caution/patience/restraint etc (=advise people to be careful, patient etc)
The makers advise extreme caution when handling this material.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to be employed to give advice on a subject about which you have special knowledge or skill
advise on
She’s been asked to advise on training the new sales team.
advise somebody on something
He advises us on tax matters.

3. [transitive] formal to tell someone about something
advise somebody of something
We’ll advise you of any changes in the delivery dates.
Keep us advised of (=continue to tell us about) any new developments.
advise somebody that
They advised him that the tour would proceed.

4. you would be well/ill advised to do something used to tell someone that it is wise or unwise to do something:
You would be well advised to stay in bed and rest.

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I. tell sb what you think they should do
ADV. strenuously, strongly I strongly advise you not to do this.
badly, wrongly We were badly advised by our solicitor.
properly | legally
PREP. about We can advise parents about education.
against They advised me against sending cash by post.
on We will be happy to advise on any financial matters.
PHRASES be ill/well advised to do sth John would be ill advised to rely on their support. You would be better advised to consult an accountant.

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II. inform sb of sth
VERB + ADVISE be pleased to I am pleased to advise you that your application has been accepted.
regret to
PREP. of
PHRASES keep sb advised Please keep me advised of new developments in this case.

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BAD: I asked my lawyer for her advise.
GOOD: I asked my lawyer for her advice.

Usage Note:
See note at ADVICE 1 (advice)

BAD: Nowadays many doctors advise to live in the countryside.
GOOD: Nowadays many doctors advise living in the countryside.
GOOD: Nowadays many doctors advise people to live in the countryside.

Usage Note:
advise sb to do sth : 'I advised her to see a lawyer.'
advise doing sth (NOT to do ): 'I would advise leaving very early. Then you'll miss all the traffic.'

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