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inadvisable /ˌɪnədˈvaɪzəbəl◂/ adjective [not before noun]

غیر مقتضی ، دور از صلاح ، مضر ، بی صرفه ، دور از مصلحت ، ناروا ، مخالف
Synonyms: unwise, ill-advised, impolitic, imprudent, inexpedient, injudicious
Antonyms: advisable
Contrasted words: expedient, judicious, politic, prudent, sensible, wise
Related Words: careless, inappropriate, incautious, rash, undesirable, unsensible, foolish, indiscreet, pointless, unwise, foolhardy, harebrained

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inadvisable /ˌɪnədˈvaɪzəbəl◂/ adjective [not before noun]
[Word Family: noun: advice, adviser, ADVISOR, advisability; adjective: advisableinadvisable, advisory; verb: advise; adverb: advisedly]
an action that is inadvisable is not sensible Synonym : unwise:
Changes in the patient’s condition may make surgery inadvisable.
it is inadvisable to do something
It is inadvisable to involve more than one contractor on a project.

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VERBS be, seem | become | make sth Her condition made surgery inadvisable.
feel sth, think sth
ADV. highly It was thought highly inadvisable for young women to go there alone.

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