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affair /əˈfeə $ əˈfer/ noun [countable]

امر ، کاروبار ، عشقبازی (با جمع هم میاید)
- event, activity, business, episode, happening, incident, matter, occurrence
- relationship, amour, intrigue, liaison, romance
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affair S2 W1 /əˈfeə $ əˈfer/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: afaire, from à faire 'to do']

a) public or political events and activities:
Are you interested in world affairs?
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Women had little role in public affairs.
b) things connected with your personal life, your financial situation etc:
I am not prepared to discuss my financial affairs with the press.state of affairs at state1(8)

a) an event or set of related events, especially one that is impressive or shocking:
the Watergate affair
The whole affair was a disaster.
b) used when describing an event:
The party was a very grand affair.

3. RELATIONSHIP a secret sexual relationship between two people, when at least one of them is married to someone else Synonym : love affair
affair with
He had an affair with his boss that lasted six years.

4. OBJECT informal old-fashioned used when describing an object, machine etc:
The computer was one of those little portable affairs.

5. be sb’s affair if something is your affair, it only concerns you and you do not want anyone else to get involved in it:
What I do in my free time is my affair.

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I. event/situation
ADJ. whole She saw the whole affair as a great joke.
glittering, grand I knew that the wedding would be a grand affair.
sordid, sorry, squalid
VERB + AFFAIR deal with, handle Many people have criticized the way the government handled the affair.
be involved in | investigate
PHRASES sb's involvement in the affair He has tried to play down his involvement in the affair.
a state of affairs How did this state of affairs come about?
wash your hands of the affair (= to refuse to be responsible for sth or involved in sth)

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II. sexual relationship
ADJ. brief, casual | clandestine, secret | adulterous, extramarital | passionate, torrid | unhappy | love a torrid love affair
VERB + AFFAIR carry on, conduct, have He's having an affair with a colleague.
AFFAIR + VERB go on How long has the affair been going on?
PREP. ~ between It's the story of a secret affair between a married teacher and her teenage student.
~ with an affair with a married man

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III. sth that concerns one person/small group
ADJ. family, personal, sb's own It's a family affair.
PHRASES sb's affair What I do at the weekend is my affair.
no affair of sb's That's no affair of yours.

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IV. affairs: important matters
ADJ. current a current affairs programme on television
private, public | domestic, home, internal, national | community, local | European, foreign, external, international, world the minister for foreign affairs
business, financial, legal | commercial, consumer, cultural, economic, environmental, military, political, religious, social
VERB + AFFAIR administer, arrange, attend to, conduct, manage, run I am trying to arrange my father's financial affairs.
settle, wind up | interfere in, meddle in
PHRASES affairs of state The Cabinet will be discussing certain affairs of state.
put/set your affairs in order I want to put my affairs in order before I die.
a state of affairs the current state of affairs in schools

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world/international affairs
China is now a major player in world affairs.
current affairs (=important events that are happening now)
a 24-hour news and current affairs channel
sb’s private affairs (=things that are personal and not for other people to know about)
He never discussed his private affairs in public.
sb’s financial affairs
They offer advice on managing your financial affairs.
sb’s business affairs
After dad retired, I managed his estate and business affairs.
economic affairs
He was appointed Minister of State with responsibility for economic affairs.
political affairs
The military promised to stay out of political affairs.
military affairs
the president’s advisor on military affairs
religious affairs
She wanted to be more involved in the church and religious affairs.
foreign/external affairs (=events in other countries)
the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
domestic/internal affairs (also home affairs British English) (=events inside a country)
the Minister of Home Affairs
He said that the US should not try to interfere in his country's domestic affairs.
public affairs (=events that affect the people of a country)
He was active in public affairs in his region.
affairs of state (=the business of the government)
The church played no role in the affairs of state.
put your affairs in order (=organize them before you go somewhere or die)
I have cancer so I know I’ve got to put my affairs in order.

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