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allow /əˈlaʊ/ verb [transitive]

رخصت دادن ، اجازه دادن ، ستودن ، پسندیدن ، تصویب کردن ، روا دانستن ، پذیرفتن ، اعطاء کردن ، علوم مهندسی: تصویب کردن
کامپیوتر: اجازه دادن

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- permit, approve, authorize, enable, endure, let, sanction, stand, suffer, tolerate
- give, allocate, allot, assign, grant, provide, set aside, spare
- acknowledge, admit, concede, confess, grant, own
Antonyms: disallow, inhibit
Contrasted words: refuse, confute, refute, reject, avert, prevent, ward (off)
Related Words: bestow, confer, accede, acquiesce, assent, brook, endure, stand, tolerate, defer, submit, yield
English Thesaurus: allow, let, permit, give somebody permission, give your consent, ...

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allow S1 W1 /əˈlaʊ/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: allouer, from Medieval Latin allocare (allocate) and from Latin adlaudare, from ad- 'to' + laudare 'to praise']

1. CAN DO SOMETHING to let someone do or have something, or let something happen Synonym : permit
allow somebody/something to do something
My parents wouldn’t allow me to go to the party.
Women are not allowed to enter the mosque.
Don’t allow your problems to dominate your life.
allow somebody something
Passengers are allowed one item of hand luggage each.
How much time are we allowed?
allow somebody in/out/up etc
I don’t allow the cat in the bedroom.
The audience is not allowed backstage.
something is (not) allowed (=something is or is not officially permitted)
Are dictionaries allowed in the exam?
We don’t allow diving in the pool.

2. MAKE SOMETHING POSSIBLE to make it possible for something to happen or for someone to do something, especially something helpful or useful Synonym : permit:
This adjustment of the figures allows a fairer comparison.
allow for
Our new system will allow for more efficient use of resources.
allow somebody to do something
A 24-hour ceasefire allowed the two armies to reach an agreement.
allow somebody something
a seat belt that allows the driver greater freedom of movement

3. HAVE ENOUGH OF SOMETHING to be sure that you have enough time, money, food etc available for a particular purpose
allow somebody something
Allow yourselves plenty of time to get to the airport.
allow something for somebody/something
I’ve allowed half a bottle of wine for each person.

4. CORRECT/PERMITTED formal to accept that something is correct or true, or that something is acceptable according to the rules or law
allow that
I allow that there may have been a mistake.
The judge allowed the evidence.

5. allow me formal used as a polite way of offering to help someone do something:
‘Allow me,’ the waiter said, opening the door.
let1, forbid(1)

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

BAD: They also allow to the prisoners to keep birds.
GOOD: They also allow the prisoners to keep birds.

Usage Note:
allow sb to do sth (NOT to sb ): 'The principal doesn't allow them to wear jewelry to school.'

BAD: It's not allowed to talk in the library.
GOOD: You aren't allowed to talk in the library.
GOOD: Talking in the library isn't allowed.

Usage Note:
It is not usually used as a preparatory subject before (not) allowed , especially in spoken English.

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