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aloud /əˈlaʊd/ adverb

باصدای بلند
Synonyms: out loud, audibly, clearly, distinctly, intelligibly, plainly

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aloud /əˈlaʊd/ adverb
[Word Family: adverb: aloud, loud, loudly; noun: loudness; adjective: loud]
if you read, laugh, say something etc aloud, you read etc so that people can hear you Synonym : out loud
read/say something aloud
Joanne, would you read the poem aloud?
laugh/groan/cry etc aloud
The pain made him cry aloud.
She could have laughed aloud.
think aloud (=say the things you are thinking)
‘What did you say?’ ‘ Sorry, I was just thinking aloud.’
Do not use aloud to mean ‘in a loud voice’. Use loudly: You need to speak quite loudly for the people at the back.

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See: think aloud or think out loud

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