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angry /ˈæŋɡri/ adjective (comparative angrier, superlative angriest)

اوقات تلخ ، رنجیده ، خشمناک ، دردناک ، قرمز شده ، ورم کرده ، دژم ، براشفته
Synonyms: furious, annoyed, cross, displeased, enraged, exasperated, incensed, infuriated, irate, mad (informal), outraged, resentful
Contrasted words: calm, placid, tolerant, content, pleased, satisfied
Related Idioms: foaming at the mouth, hot under the collar, in a taking, in a temper (or rage), mad as a hornet (or wet hen)
Related Words: aggravated, exasperated, perturbed, put out, riley, upset, uptight, worked up, wrought (up), angered, enraged, incensed, infuriate, infuriated, maddened, sore, vexed, orey-eyed, red-faced, wild-eyed
English Thesaurus: angry, mad, cross, annoyed, irritated, ...

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angry S3 W3 /ˈæŋɡri/ adjective (comparative angrier, superlative angriest)
[Word Family: verb: anger; noun: anger; adverb: angrily; adjective: angry]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: anger]

1. feeling strong emotions which make you want to shout at someone or hurt them because they have behaved in an unfair, cruel, offensive etc way, or because you think that a situation is unfair, unacceptable etc ⇒ annoyed:
I was angry because he hadn’t told me his plans.
He was beginning to get angry.
His comments brought an angry response from opposition politicians.
‘Calm down,’ she said, looking at his angry face.
angry with/at
‘Please don’t be angry with me,’ she said.
Jesse laughed, which made me even angrier.
angry about/over
Kate’s still so angry about the whole thing.
angry (that)
The workers are angry that they haven’t been paid for the week.

2. angry with/at yourself feeling strongly that you wish you had done something or had not done something:
David was angry with himself for letting the others see his true feelings.

3. literary an angry sky or cloud looks dark and stormy

4. literary an angry wound etc is painful and red and looks infected Synonym : inflamed
—angrily adverb:
Joey reacted angrily.

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get, grow | remain, stay She couldn't stay angry with him for long.
make sb That man makes me angry every time I see him.
ADV. bitterly, extremely, furiously, really, terribly, very, wildly | a bit, pretty, quite, rather | increasingly | coldly | suddenly
PREP. about Local people are very angry about the plans to close another hospital.
at The members of the group are frustrated and angry at their lack of power.
with I got terribly angry with him.

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