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art /ɑːt $ ɑːrt/ noun

هنر ، فن ، صنعت ، استعداد ، استادی ، نیرنگ
کامپیوتر: هنر

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Synonyms: skill, craft, expertise, ingenuity, mastery, virtuosity
Contrasted words: clumsiness, maladroitness, candor, frankness, sincerity, directness, straightforwardness, bluffness, bluntness
Related Words: capability, competence, handiness, proficiency, address, finesse, savvy, acuteness, astuteness

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I. art1 S1 W1 /ɑːt $ ɑːrt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: art, artist, artistry; adjective: artistic, arty; adverb: artistically]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin ars]

1. [uncountable] the use of painting, drawing, sculpture etc to represent things or express ideas:
the Museum of Modern Art in New York
an example of early Indian art

2. [plural, uncountable] objects that are produced by art, such as paintings, drawings etc:
an art exhibition
an art critic
an arts and crafts fair
The exhibition features works of art by Picasso and Matisse.

3. [uncountable] the skill of drawing or painting:
He’s very good at art.
an art teacher
art college

4. the arts [plural] art, music, theatre, film, literature etc all considered together:
Government funding for the arts has been reduced.

5. arts (also the arts) [plural] subjects you can study that are not scientific, for example history, languages etc ⇒ humanities

6. [uncountable and countable] the ability or skill involved in doing or making something:
Television is ruining the art of conversation.
Writing advertisements is quite an art (=it is difficult to do).
have/get something down to a fine art (=do something very well)
I’ve got the early morning routine down to a fine art.

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II. art2 verb old-fashioned or biblical
[Language: Old English; Origin: eart]
thou art a phrase meaning ‘you are’

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I. paintings, drawings, etc.
ADJ. great, high | abstract, avant-garde, commercial, conceptual, figurative, fine, graphic, performance, pop/popular, sacred, visual | contemporary, modern
VERB + ART create, produce one of the greatest works of art ever produced
ART + NOUN gallery | collector, critic, dealer, historian, lover | treasure, work (also artwork) | college, school | form Cinema became accepted as an art form.
history | market | world Many people from the art world attended the painter's funeral.

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II. the arts: art, music, theatre, literature, etc.
ADJ. creative, decorative, dramatic, performing, plastic, visual
PHRASES arts and crafts an exhibition of Peruvian arts and crafts
funding for the arts, a patron of the arts, sponsorship of the arts 3 arts not sciences
ART + NOUN subject | degree
PHRASES arts and sciences

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IV. ability/skill
VERB + ART master, perfect I've never mastered the art of making bread.
PREP. ~ of Television has ruined the art of conversation.
PHRASES get sth down to a fine art (= learn to do it very well) She's got the business of buying Christmas presents down to a fine art.
works of art
a piece/work of ~
   Michelangelo's Pietà is a magnificent work of art.
collect ~
   She collects Jacobean portraits.
display, exhibit, show ~
   The works will be displayed in the new wing of the museum.
~ be (put) on display/exhibition/show
~ go on display/exhibition/show

   paintings put on show for the first time
   The photographs are on exhibition until the end of September.

house ~
   An annexe was built to house the sculptures.
a series of ~
   a series of paintings by Van Gogh
a collection/exhibition of ~
   an exhibition of early 20th century French masterpieces
an art/photographic/photography exhibition
   The open art exhibition will allow new artists to exhibit their work.
by ~
   a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth

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BAD: The college offers both science and art subjects.
GOOD: The college offers both science and arts subjects.
BAD: I worked as a tutor in the Faculty of Art and Social Sciences.
GOOD: I worked as a tutor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Usage Note:
Subjects of study are divided into the sciences (e.g. biology, physics, chemistry) and the arts (e.g. history, French, geography): 'If you don't like numbers, you should stick to the arts.'
The noun arts (WITH -s ) is often used in front of another noun: 'I'm studying for an arts degree.'

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