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arty /ˈɑːti $ ˈɑːrti/ , art‧sy /ˈɑːtsi $ ˈɑːrt-/ adjective

هنرنما ، مغرور ، متظاهر به هنر
Synonyms: pretentious, arty-crafty, big, high-sounding, imposing, overblown

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arty /ˈɑːti $ ˈɑːrti/ British English, art‧sy /ˈɑːtsi $ ˈɑːrt-/ American English adjective
[Word Family: noun: art, artist, artistry; adjective: artistic, arty; adverb: artistically]

1. someone who is arty knows a lot about art, film, theatre etc – often used to show disapproval:
He was one of those arty types.

2. intended for, or used by people who are interested in art, film, theatre etc:
an arty film
Paris’s arty Marais district

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