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rest /rest/ noun
rest verb

سه پایه ، بالشتک ، مقر ، پایه ، تکیه گاه ، نشیمنگاه ، اسایش ، محل استراحت ، اسودن ، استراحت کردن ، ارمیدن ، تجدید قوا ، کردن ، تکیه دادن ، متکی بودن به ، الباقی ، نتیجه ، بقایا ، سایرین ، دیگران ، باقیمانده ، (نظ). راحت باش ، علوم مهندسی: استراحت ، معماری: باقیمانده ، روانشناسی: استراحت ، علوم هوایی: سکون ، علوم نظامی: توقف فرمان ازاد
- repose, calm, inactivity, leisure, relaxation, relief, stillness, tranquillity
- pause, break, cessation, halt, interlude, intermission, interval, lull, respite, stop
- support, base, holder, prop, stand
- relax, be at ease, put one's feet up, sit down, take it easy
- be supported, lean, lie, prop, recline, repose, sit
remainder, balance, excess, others, remains, remnants, residue, surplus
Contrasted words: action, work, restlessness, strain, labor, toil, drudge, grind, slave
Related Idioms: take it easy, take life easy, lie (or rest) on one's oars, stop for breath, take a break (or rest), take five (or ten), take time out
Related Words: deferring, intermission, suspension, quiet, silence, stillness, calm, peace, peacefulness, placidity, restfulness, serenity, tranquillity, doze, nap, nod, sleep, slumber, snooze, loaf, loll, lounge, ease off, ease up, let down, let up, slacken, slack off, depend, hang, hinge, count, rely, excess, overplus, superfluity, surplus, surplusage
English Thesaurus: relax, rest, unwind, take it/things easy, put your feet up, ...

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I. rest1 S1 W1 /rest/ noun
[Word Family: noun: rest, unrest, restlessness; adjective: restless, rested, restful; adverb: restlessly, restfully; verb: rest]
[Sense 1, 8-9: Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: reste, from rester 'to remain', from Latin restare]
[Sense 2-7, 10-12: Language: Old English; Origin: 'rest, bed']

1. RELAXING [uncountable and countable] a period of time when you are not doing anything tiring and you can relax or sleep:
You look exhausted! Why don’t you take a rest?

2. the rest what is left after everything or everyone else has gone or been used, dealt with, or mentioned ⇒ remainder, leftovers:
You carry these two bags, and I’ll bring the rest.
Two of the attackers were killed, and the rest escaped.
the rest of
Does anyone want the rest of this pizza?
He’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
Use a singular verb after the rest if you are referring to an amount of something or a thing:
The rest of the money was used to pay for the wedding.
Use a plural verb if you are referring to a group of people or things:
One child goes out of the room while the rest sit in a circle.

3. put/set sb’s mind at rest to make someone feel less anxious or worried:
Why don’t you talk to him, and put his mind at rest.

4. come to rest
a) to stop moving:
The aircraft skidded across the runway and finally came to rest in a cornfield.
b) if your eyes come to rest on something, you stop looking around and look at that one thing
come to rest on
My eyes came to rest on a photograph of a young man.

5. give it a rest spoken especially British English used to tell someone to stop talking about something because they are annoying you:
Give it a rest, Jack!

6. give something a rest spoken to stop doing an activity:
I gave the acting a rest for a while.

7. at rest
a) an expression meaning dead, and free from pain and problems
b) technical not moving

8. and all the rest of it British English spoken used at the end of a short list to mean other things of a similar type:
I was paying the rent and the bills and all the rest of it.

9. and the rest British English spoken used to emphasize in a humorous way that a number or amount is really much higher than someone thinks:
‘I’d say she’s about 40.’ ‘Yeah, and the rest!’

10. lay/put something to rest formal to stop people from worrying about or believing something:
The minister resigned, and the government hoped that the scandal would finally be laid to rest.

11. lay somebody to rest an expression meaning to bury someone, used when you want to avoid saying this directly:
She was laid to rest beside her husband.

12. MUSIC [countable]
a) a period of silence of a particular length in a piece of music
b) a written sign that shows how long the period of silence should be
headrest, footrest, backrest, ⇒ and the rest is history at history(10)

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II. rest2 S3 W3 verb
[Word Family: noun: rest, unrest, restlessness; adjective: restless, rested, restful; adverb: restlessly, restfully; verb: rest]

1. RELAX [intransitive] to stop working or doing an activity for a time and sit down or lie down to relax:
If you’re tired, we’ll stop and rest for a while.

2. SUPPORT SOMETHING [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] to support an object or part of your body by putting it on or against something, or to be supported in this way ⇒ lean
rest (something) against/on something
Rest your head on my shoulder.
Brassard rested his elbows on the table and leaned forward.
Their bikes were resting against the wall.

3. rest your feet/legs/eyes etc to stop using a part of your body because it is feeling sore or tired:
I need to sit down and rest my legs.

4. let the matter rest (also let it rest) to stop discussing or dealing with something:
The man apologized, but Aunt Matilda refused to let the matter rest.

5. rest assured (that) formal used to tell someone not to worry, because what you say about a situation is true:
You may rest assured that it will be ready on time.

6. somebody will not rest until ... if you will not rest until something happens, you will not be satisfied until it happens:
We will not rest until the murderer is found.

7. DEAD PERSON [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] literary if a dead person rests somewhere, they are buried there:
My mother rests beside my father in the family graveyard.
sb’s last/final resting place (=the place where someone is buried)
rest in peace (=often written on a grave)

8. rest on your laurels to be satisfied with what you have done, so that you do not make any further effort

9. I rest my case spoken
a) formal used by a lawyer when they have finished trying to prove something in a court of law
b) used when something happens or is said which proves that you were right – used humorously

10. rest easy to relax and stop worrying:
I can rest easy, knowing everything’s under control.

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ADJ. complete | good, long | little, short | well-deserved, well-earned | bed She's on complete bed rest, antibiotics and plenty of fluids.
VERB + REST find (formal), get, have, take Her heart would find no rest until she knew the truth. Get some rest while you can. I had a good long rest before the party.
need | come to The ball rolled down the hill and came to rest against a tree.
REST + NOUN day, period | area | home
PREP. at ~ At rest (= when not moving) the insect looks like a dead leaf.
~ from The doctor advised him to take a complete rest from football.
PHRASES a day of rest

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ADV. casually, gently, lightly, loosely | heavily | comfortably Her head was resting comfortably against his chest.
peacefully, quietly | momentarily | awhile
VERB + REST let sth She let his hand rest heavily on hers.
PREP. against She rested the ladder against the wall.
on/upon His hands rested lightly on her shoulders.
PHRASES rest easy I can rest easy (= stop worrying) knowing that she's safely home.
PHRASAL VERBS rest on/upon sth
ADV. solely, squarely It is rare for the responsibility for causing conflict to rest solely on one side.
rest with sb
ADV. squarely Surely the blame rests squarely with Sir Ralph?
ultimately The decision ulitmately rests with the council.

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have/take a rest
I’m going upstairs to have a rest.
get some rest
You’d better get some rest if you’re driving back tonight.
deserve a rest
I think we deserve a rest after all that hard work.
a well-earned/well-deserved rest (=a rest after working hard)
Our players are taking a well-earned rest before the start of the new season.
a complete rest
The doctor had advised a complete rest for a fortnight.
a little/short rest
He decided to stop and take a short rest.
a long rest
What I need is a nice long rest.
a good rest (=a complete rest that relaxes you)
I’m sure you need a good rest.
a rest day/period
The crew had a three hour rest period before their next flight.

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See: lay to rest , parade rest

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