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bored /bɔːd $ bɔːrd/ adjective

bore: داخل را تراشیدن سوراخ ، اشترک ، لوله توپ ، گمانه ، سنبیدن ، سفتن ، نقب زدن ، بامته تونل زدن (با مج). خسته کننده ، قطر داخلی لوله ، قطر یک سوراخ ، قطر داخلی سیلندر ، مد جلو دهانه رود ، قطر داخلی لوله اسلحه ، داخل لوله توپ
Synonyms: fed up, listless, tired, uninterested, wearied
English Thesaurus: bored, fed up, be tired of somebody/something, have had enoug

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bored S3 /bɔːd $ bɔːrd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: bore, boredom; adjective: bored, boring; verb: bore; adverb: boringly]
tired and impatient because you do not think something is interesting, or because you have nothing to do:
He was easily bored.
After a while, I got bored and left.
bored with
Are you bored with your present job?
bored stiff/to tears/to death/out of your mind (=extremely bored)
Do not confuse bored, which describes a feeling, and boring, which describes someone or something that makes you feel bored: bored students | a boring job

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get, grow Some children get bored very quickly.
ADV. really, terribly, very | thoroughly | a bit, faintly, a little, pretty, rather, slightly
PREP. at bored at the prospect of going shopping
by He seemed faintly bored by the whole process.
with He was bored with their conversation.
PHRASES bored out of your (tiny) mind He walked along, bored out of his mind.
bored rigid/silly/stiff I remember being bored stiff during my entire time at school.
bored to death/distraction/tears She was alone all day and bored to death.

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get bored
I get bored if I’m at home on my own all day.
grow bored written
She grew bored and started gazing out of the window.
look/sound/feel bored
Some of the students were starting to look bored.
easily bored
Teenagers are easily bored in the holidays.
be bored to tears/to death (=extremely bored)
Rob was bored to tears trailing around the shops.
be bored stiff/silly/rigid (=extremely bored)
Patti was bored stiff with small-town Massachusetts life.
be bored out of your mind (=extremely bored)
In some of the lessons, I was bored out of my mind.

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BAD: My job at the bank was very bored.
GOOD: My job at the bank was very boring.

Usage Note:
See note at BORING (boring)

BAD: I don't think I'll ever get bored of the book.
GOOD: I don't think I'll ever get bored with the book.
BAD: She soon got bored of talking to him.
GOOD: She soon got bored with talking to him.

Usage Note:
be/get bored with (doing ) sth : 'I'm bored with pasta and tomatoes - I want something different.' 'I got bored with lying on the beach and went off to explore the town.'

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