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bore /bɔː $ bɔːr/
bore verb
bore noun

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {bear}

داخل را تراشیدن سوراخ ، اشترک ، لوله توپ ، گمانه ، سنبیدن ، سفتن ، نقب زدن ، بامته تونل زدن (با(through ، خسته کردن ، موی دماغ کسی شدن ، خسته شدن ، منفذ ، مته ، وسیله سوراخ کردن ، کالیبر تفنگ ، ) مج). خسته کننده ، علوم مهندسی: قطر داخلی لوله ، کامپیوتر: قطر یک سوراخ ، عمران: قطر داخلی سیلندر ، معماری: مد جلو دهانه رود ، ورزش: قطر داخلی لوله اسلحه ، علوم نظامی: داخل لوله توپ
الکترونیک: قطر یک سوراخ ، کامپیوتر: سوراخ کردن ، داخل را تراشیدن سوراخ ، قطر داخلی لوله ، علوم مهندسی: قطر داخلی لوله اسلحه ، ورزشی: اشترک ، مد جلو دهانه رود ، معماری: لوله ، لوله توپ ، داخل لوله توپ ، علوم نظامی: قطر داخلی سیلندر ، عمران: گمانه ، سوراخ کردن ، سنبیدن ، سفتن ، نقب زدن ، بامته تونل زدن( با)through ، خسته کردن ، موی دماغ کسی شدن ، خسته شدن ، منفذ، سوراخ ، مته ، وسیله سوراخ کردن ، کالیبر تفنگ ،( مج ).خسته کننده

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drill, burrow, gouge out, mine, penetrate, perforate, pierce, sink, tunnel
- tire, be tedious, fatigue, jade, pall on, send to sleep, wear out, weary
- nuisance, anorak (informal), pain (informal), yawn (informal)
Antonyms: interest
Contrasted words: amuse, entertain, excite, fascinate, intrigue, absorb, beguile, engross, enthrall, grip, enliven, freshen, invigorate, quicken, stimulate
Related Idioms: put one to sleep, crashing bore
Related Words: jade, fatigue, wear, annoy, irk, irritate, afflict, bother, discomfort, bad news, downer, soporific
English Thesaurus: dig, make a hole, burrow, plough, excavate, ...

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I. bore1 /bɔː $ bɔːr/
the past tense of bear

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II. bore2 verb

1. [transitive] to make someone feel bored, especially by talking too much about something they are not interested in:
He’s the sort of person who bores you at parties.
a film that will bore its young audience
bore somebody with something
I won’t bore you with all the technical details.
bore somebody to death/tears (=make them very bored)

2. [intransitive and transitive] to make a deep round hole in a hard surface
bore something through/into/in something
The machine bores a hole through the cards.
bore through/into
To build the tunnel they had to bore through solid rock.

3. [intransitive + into] if someone’s eyes bore into you, they look at you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable

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III. bore3 noun
[Word Family: noun: bore, boredom; adjective: bored, boring; verb: bore; adverb: boringly]

1. [singular] something that is not interesting to you or that annoys you:
Waiting is a bore.
You’ll find it’s a terrible bore.

2. [countable] someone who is boring, especially because they talk too much about themselves or about things that do not interest you:
He turned out to be a crashing bore (=used to emphasize that someone is very boring).

3. [singular] the measurement of the width of the inside of a long hollow object such as a pipe or the barrel of a gun:
Take a length of piping with a bore of about 15 mm.
12-/16-/20- etc bore
a 12-bore shotgun
wide-/narrow-/fine- bore
a fine-bore tube

4. [singular] a wave of water that moves quickly along a river from the sea at particular times of the year:
the Severn bore

5. [countable] a borehole

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I. person
ADJ. awful, crashing, dreadful, real, terrible, utter Her husband is a crashing bore.
PHRASES a bit of a bore 2 a bore sth that you have to do
ADJ. awful, great, real, terrible It's an awful bore having to meet my aunt for lunch.

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ADV. easily I'm very easily bored.
PREP. with I won't bore you with too many details.
PHRASES bore sb out of their (tiny) mind, bore sb rigid/silly/stiff, bore sb to death/distraction/tears That lecture bored me to tears!

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