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breakfast /ˈbrekfəst/ noun [uncountable and countable]

ناشتایی ، افطار ، صبحانه خوردن
breakfast S2 W2 /ˈbrekfəst/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: break + fast4]
the meal you have in the morning:
We had bacon and eggs for breakfast.
I never eat breakfast.
After a hearty breakfast (=large breakfast), we set out for a hike.
a light breakfast (=small breakfast)
a working breakfast (=a breakfast at which you talk about business)
—breakfast verb [intransitive]
bed and breakfast, continental breakfast, English breakfast, ⇒ wedding breakfast at wedding(1), ⇒ make a dog’s breakfast of something at dog1(8)

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ADJ. big, full, good, hearty, large, proper, solid, substantial | light, modest | cooked, fried | continental, English, American-style a full English breakfast of cereal, bacon and eggs and toast
buffet/buffet-style | hasty, hurried, quick | leisurely, long | early, late | working | champagne
BREAKFAST + NOUN cereal | dishes, things Would you clear away the breakfast things?
room | meeting | show, television
PHRASES bed and breakfast Bed and breakfast accommodation is available near the museum.
breakfast in bed He treated his wife to breakfast in bed on her birthday.
 ⇒ Note at MEAL (for verbs)

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have/eat breakfast
Paul got up, washed and had breakfast.
have something for breakfast
What do you usually have for breakfast?
a big breakfast
Most people don’t eat a big breakfast nowadays.
a good/proper breakfast (=big and healthy)
I think kids need a good breakfast before they go to school.
a hearty breakfast written (=big)
The price includes a hearty breakfast.
a small/light breakfast
She ate a light breakfast of toast and coffee.
an English/a full breakfast (=a big breakfast with bacon, egg, toast etc - used especially in hotels)
A lot of people like to have an English breakfast on holiday.
a cooked/fried breakfast (=bacon, egg, toast etc)
Do you feel like having a cooked breakfast?
a buffet breakfast (=one in a hotel, where you serve yourself)
A buffet breakfast is served in the hotel's elegant dining room.
a continental breakfast (=coffee and bread with butter and jam)
Continental breakfast can be served in your room.
a quick/hasty/hurried breakfast
I grabbed a quick breakfast and ran to the bus stop.
a long/leisurely breakfast (=not hurried)
On Sunday mornings I like to have a leisurely breakfast.
an early/late breakfast
We had an early breakfast and left before 7.30.
a working breakfast (=at which you talk about business)
She suggested we meet at 8.30 for a working breakfast.
the breakfast dishes
Did you put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher?
the breakfast things (=dishes, packets etc)
Dad was clearing the breakfast things away.
a breakfast table/room
The house has a large kitchen and a breakfast room.
breakfast cereal
Many breakfast cereals are high in sugar.
breakfast time
I don’t like talking at breakfast time.
breakfast television/TV (=programmes on television in the early morning)
The children all eat their cereal in front of breakfast television.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

BAD: After the breakfast, we went shopping.
GOOD: After breakfast, we went shopping.
BAD: Before my breakfast I usually go for a run.
GOOD: Before breakfast I usually go for a run.

Usage Note:
When breakfast/lunch/dinner etc refer to an event (rather than to the meal itself), they are used without a/the/this/my etc: 'What shall we do after lunch?' 'Pam and Simon have invited us to dinner.' 'What time do you have breakfast?'
You use a/the/this/my etc when you refer to the meal itself: 'We enjoyed the evening, even though the dinner was cold.' 'I don't usually have time for a cooked breakfast.'

BAD: Before I have a breakfast, I usually make my bed.
GOOD: Before I have (my) breakfast, I usually make my bed.
BAD: Every morning my first job is to prepare a breakfast.
GOOD: Every morning my first job is to prepare (the) breakfast.

Usage Note:
have (your) breakfast/lunch/dinner etc (NOT a ): 'Have you had (your) breakfast yet?'
make/prepare (the/your) breakfast/lunch/dinner etc (NOT a ): 'Whose turn is it to make the dinner tonight?'
Use a/an with breakfast/lunch/dinner etc only when you describe the meal: 'a cooked breakfast', 'a big breakfast', 'an American breakfast'.

BAD: There wasn't enough time to eat breakfast.
GOOD: There wasn't enough time to have breakfast.
BAD: While I am taking breakfast, I listen to the radio.
GOOD: While I am having breakfast, I listen to the radio.

Usage Note:
have (your) breakfast/lunch/dinner etc (NOT eat/take): 'We had dinner in the hotel restaurant.'
have sth for breakfast/lunch/dinner etc: 'What did you have for lunch?'
Do not use eat unless you wish to emphasize the activity of eating. Compare: 'We prefer to have dinner in the evening.' 'James always takes a long time to eat his dinner.'

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