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breathe /briːð/ verb

دم زدن ، نفس کشیدن ، استنشاق کردن
- inhale and exhale, draw in, gasp, gulp, pant, puff, respire, wheeze
- whisper, murmur, sigh
Related Words: exhale, inhale
English Thesaurus: breathe, sigh, pant, gasp, snore, ...

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breathe S3 W3 /briːð/ verb
[Word Family: noun: breath, breather, breathing; adjective: breathless, breathy; verb: breathe; adverb: breathlessly]
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: breath]

1. AIR [intransitive and transitive] to take air into your lungs and send it out again:
The room filled with smoke, and it was becoming difficult to breathe.
People are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe.
Relax and breathe deeply (=take in a lot of air).

2. BLOW [intransitive and transitive] to blow air or smoke out of your mouth
breathe on
Roy breathed on his hands and rubbed them together vigorously.
breathe something over somebody
The fat man opposite was breathing garlic all over me.

3. somebody can breathe easy/easily used when saying that someone can relax because a worrying or dangerous situation has ended:
With stocks going up, investors can breathe easily.

4. breathe a sigh of relief to stop being worried or frightened about something:
Once the deadline passed, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

5. be breathing down sb’s neck informal to pay very close attention to what someone is doing, in a way that makes them feel nervous or annoyed:
How can I concentrate with you breathing down my neck all the time?

6. not breathe a word to not tell anyone anything at all about something, because it is a secret:
Don’t breathe a word; it’s supposed to be a surprise.

7. breathe life into something to change a situation so that people feel more excited or interested:
Critics are hoping the young director can breathe new life into the French film industry.

8. SKIN [intransitive] if your skin can breathe, air can reach it

9. CLOTHES/FABRIC [intransitive] if cloth or clothing breathes, air can pass through it so that your body feels pleasantly cool and dry

10. WINE [intransitive] if you let wine breathe, you open the bottle to let the air get to it before you drink it

11. SAY SOMETHING QUIETLY [transitive] written to say something very quietly, almost in a whisper:
‘Wait,’ he breathed.

12. breathe your last (breath) literary to die

13. breathe fire to talk and behave in a very angry way ⇒ live and breathe something at live1(19)

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I. air/breath
ADV. fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly | deeply | shallowly | hard, heavily They were both breathing hard from the steep climb.
gently | easily, steadily She was beginning to breathe more easily.
normally, properly I can't breathe properly?I'm gasping for air!
raggedly He was breathing raggedly, mouth open.
in, out She breathed slowly in and out.
VERB + BREATHE can/can't, could/couldn't, could barely/hardly/scarcely | not dare He hardly dared breathe in case they heard him.
PREP. through Always breathe through your nose.

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II. say quietly
ADV. huskily, softly ‘I love you, ’ she breathed softly.

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breathe deeply (=take long slow breaths of air)
She breathed deeply in the cool night air.
breathe heavily/hard (=breathe loudly especially after exercise)
He’d been running and he was breathing hard.
breathe fast/rapidly (=breathe quickly because of illness, fear etc)
He closed his eyes, breathing fast under the fever.
breathe slowly
Breathe slowly and try to relax.
breathe steadily/evenly
The baby was fast asleep and breathing steadily.
breathe easily
Make sure the injured person can breathe easily.
breathe some air/the air
It was wonderful to be outside and breathe some fresh air.
breathe fumes
These children are breathing traffic fumes all day long.
can hardly breathe
It was so hot that I felt as though I could hardly breathe.
have trouble/difficulty breathing
In high altitudes some people have trouble breathing.
struggle to breathe
The crowd pressed in around me and I struggled to breathe.

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