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breathless /ˈbreθləs/ adjective

بی نفس ، بی جان ، نفس نفس زنان ، (مج). مشتاق
- out of breath, gasping, gulping, panting, short-winded, spent, wheezing
- excited, eager, on tenterhooks, open-mouthed, with bated breath

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breathless /ˈbreθləs/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: breath, breather, breathing; adjective: breathless, breathy; verb: breathe; adverb: breathlessly]

1. having difficulty breathing, especially because you are very tired, excited, or frightened:
The long climb left Jan feeling breathless.
breathless with
They waited, breathless with anticipation.

2. written excited:
His first novel drew breathless superlatives from critics.

3. at (a) breathless pace/speed extremely fast

4. literary unpleasantly hot, with no fresh air or wind:
the breathless heat of a midsummer night in Rome
—breathlessly adverb
—breathlessness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be, feel, seem, sound | become | leave sb, make sb The unaccustomed exercise left him breathless.
ADV. very | a little, quite, rather, slightly, somewhat He felt quite breathless.
PREP. with By the end of the walk, she was breathless with exertion. The children peered through the open door, breathless with excitement.

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