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broken /ˈbrəʊkən $ ˈbroʊ/
broken adjective

Irregular Forms: ⇒ {break}

شکسته شده ، منقطع ، منفصل ، نقض شده ، رام واماده سوغان گیری
- smashed, burst, fractured, fragmented, ruptured, separated, severed, shattered
- interrupted, discontinuous, erratic, fragmentary, incomplete, intermittent, spasmodic
- not working, defective, imperfect, kaput (informal), on the blink (slang), out of order
- imperfect, disjointed, halting, hesitating, stammering
English Thesaurus: broken, out of order, down, go down, on the blink, ...

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I. broken1 /ˈbrəʊkən $ ˈbroʊ/
the past participle of break

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II. broken2 adjective
[Word Family: noun: break, outbreak, breakage; adjective: breakableunbreakable, brokenunbroken; verb: break]

1. PIECE OF EQUIPMENT not working properly:
The CD player’s broken again.
Do you know how the phone got broken (=became broken)?

2. OBJECT in small pieces because it has been hit, dropped etc:
Mind the broken glass.
Wrap it up well so it doesn’t get broken (=become broken) in the mail.

3. BONE cracked because you have had an accident:
a badly broken leg
Gibbs had an X-ray, which revealed no broken bones.

4. NOT CONTINUOUS interrupted and not continuous:
a broken white line
a long noisy night of broken sleep

5. PERSON extremely weak mentally or physically because you have suffered a lot:
He returned from the war a broken man.

6. broken English/French etc if you speak in broken English, French etc, you speak slowly and make a lot of mistakes because you know only a little of the language

7. broken home a family that no longer lives together because the parents have divorced:
The majority of offenders do not come from broken homes.

8. broken marriage a marriage that has ended because the husband and wife do not live together anymore

9. a broken heart a feeling of extreme sadness, especially because someone you love has died or left you:
I reckon she died of a broken heart.

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VERBS be | get How did the jug get broken?
ADV. badly One of his legs was badly broken.

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BAD: The car could not stop because its brakes were broken.
GOOD: The car could not stop because its brakes were not working.
BAD: I turned on the radio but it was broken.
GOOD: I turned on the radio but it wasn't working.

Usage Note:
broken = physically damaged: 'a broken windscreen'
not working = not functioning properly: 'I can't ring him because his phone's not working.'

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