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Button, Jenson /ˈdʒensən/
button /ˈbʌtn/ noun [countable]

میخ ، غنچه ، هرچیزی شبیه دکمه ، تکمه زدن ، باتکمه محکم کردن ، علوم مهندسی: دکمه ، معماری: گل میخ گرد
کامپیوتر: دکمه

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Button, Jenson /ˈdʒensən/
(1980–) a British Formula 1 RACING DRIVER who has driven for the Williams, Benetton, Renault, BAR, and Honda racing teams

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I. button1 S2 /ˈbʌtn/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: boton, from boter; butt2]

1. a small round flat object on your shirt, coat etc that you pass through a hole to fasten it:
small pearl buttons
A button was missing from his shirt.
She undid (=unfastened) the buttons of her blouse.
do up a button British English (=fasten a button)

2. a small part or area of a machine that you press to make it do something:
Press the pause button.
Click on the icon with the right mouse button.push-button

3. a small area on a computer screen, especially on a website, that you click on in order to perform an action

4. American English a small metal or plastic pin with a message or picture on it Synonym : badge British English:
presidential campaign buttons

5. button nose/eyes a nose or eyes that are small and round

6. on the button especially American English informal exactly right, or at exactly the right time:
She got to our house at two, on the button.

7. press/push (all) the right buttons to get what you want by behaving in a clever way:
She seemed to push all the right buttons.

8. press/push sb’s buttons to make someone angry by doing or saying something that annoys them:
He really knows how to push Dad’s buttons.

9. at/with the push/touch of a button used to emphasize how easy a machine is to use because it is controlled by pushing a button:
The instrument can gauge a distance with the push of a button.
as bright as a button at bright(7)

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II. button2 verb [intransitive and transitive]

1. (also button up) to fasten clothes with buttons, or to be fastened with buttons:
Sam, make sure Nina buttons up her jacket.

2. button it! British English, button your lip/mouth! American English spoken used to tell someone in a rude way to stop talking

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I. for fastening clothes
ADJ. bottom, top The top button of his shirt was undone.
coat, shirt, etc.
VERB + BUTTON do up, fasten | undo, unfasten | fumble with | lose My coat has lost a button.
rip off | sew on
BUTTON + VERB be missing, come off, pop (off) There was a button missing from his shirt.
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II. small switch
ADJ. on, start/starter | off, stop | control | fast forward, pause, play, rewind | alarm, panic She hit the alarm button as fast as she could.
mouse | self-destruct (often figurative)
VERB + BUTTON click (on) (computing), depress, hit, hold down, press, push Click the left mouse button twice.
keep your finger on | release, take your finger off
PHRASES at the touch of a button The remote control allows you to change channel at the touch of a button.
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fasten a button
Small children can't fasten their own buttons.
do up a button (=fasten it)
He quickly did up the buttons on his shirt.
unfasten a button
Can you unfasten this button for me?
undo a button (=unfasten it)
I can't undo the buttons on the back of this dress.
a button is missing
Two of the buttons on the jacket were missing.
a button comes off something
A button has come off my skirt.
something has lost a button
His favourite shirt had lost a button.
sew on a button
It doesn't take a minute to sew on a button.
the top/bottom button
He was wearing a white shirt with the top button undone.
a shirt/skirt/coat etc button
Is this your coat button?

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