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celebrate /ˈseləbreɪt, ˈselɪbreɪt/ verb

جشن گرفتن ، عیدگرفتن ، ایین (جشن یاعیدی را) نگاه داشتن ، تقدیس کردن ، تجلیل کردن ، علوم نظامی: یادبود گرفتن
- rejoice, commemorate, drink to, keep, kill the fatted calf, observe, put the flags out, toast
- perform, bless, honour, solemnize

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celebrate W3 /ˈseləbreɪt, ˈselɪbreɪt/ verb
[Word Family: noun: celebration, celebrity; adjective: celebrated, celebratory; verb: celebrate]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of celebrare 'to visit often, celebrate', from celeber 'often visited, famous']

1. [intransitive and transitive] to show that an event or occasion is important by doing something special or enjoyable ⇒ celebration:
It’s Dad’s birthday and we’re going out for a meal to celebrate.
My folks are celebrating their 50th anniversary.
We hope to give fans something to celebrate this season.
celebrate Christmas/Thanksgiving etc
How do you usually celebrate New Year?

2. [transitive] formal to praise someone or something:
poems that celebrate the joys of love

3. [transitive] to perform a religious ceremony, especially the Christian Mass

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