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50 Cent /ˌfɪfti ˈsent/
cent /sent/ noun [countable]
centi- /sentə, sentɪ/ (also cent- /sent/) prefix [in nouns]

درصد ، سنت که معادل یک صدم دلار امریکایی است
50 Cent /ˌfɪfti ˈsent/
(1976–) a US rapper whose records include Get Rich Or Die Tryin. He is famous for surviving (survive) an attack in which he was shot several times. His real name is Curtis James Jackson III.

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cent S1 W1 /sent/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: 'hundred', from Latin centum]

1. 1/100th of the standard unit of money in some countries. For example, there are 100 cents in one dollar or in one euro: symbol ¢

2. put in your two cents’ worth American English to give your opinion about something, when other people do not want to hear it
not one red cent at red1(7)

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centi- /sentə, sentɪ/ (also cent- /sent/) prefix [in nouns]
[Language: French; Origin: Latin, from centum; cent]

1. a hundred:
a centipede (=creature with 100 legs)

2. a 100th part of a unit:
a centimetre (=0.01 metres)

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See: two cents , worth a cent

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