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characterize (also characterise) /ˈkærəktəraɪz, ˈkærɪktəraɪz/ verb [transitive]

منش نمایی کردن ، توصیف کردن ، مشخص کردن ، منقوش کردن
Synonyms: identify, brand, distinguish, indicate, mark, represent, stamp, typify
Related Idioms: be a feature of
Related Words: define, describe, differentiate, identify, peculiarize, personalize

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characterize W3 (also characterise British English) /ˈkærəktəraɪz, ˈkærɪktəraɪz/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: character, characteristic, characterization; adjective: characteristicuncharacteristic, characterless; verb: characterize; adverb: characteristicallyuncharacteristically]

1. to describe the qualities of someone or something in a particular way Synonym : portray
characterize somebody as (being) something
The group was characterized as being well-educated and liberal.

2. to be typical of a person, place, or thing:
Bright colours characterize his paintings.

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