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character /ˈkærəktə, ˈkærɪktə $ -ər/ noun

نویسه ، علامت ، صفت اختصاصی ، صفت ، عدد صحیح ، مونه ، منش ، خیم ، نهاد ، سیرت ، صفات ممتازه ، هرنوع حروف نوشتنی وچاپی ، خط ، رقم ، شخصیت های نمایش یا داستان ، نوشتن ، مجسم کردن ، شخصیت ، دخشه ، علوم مهندسی: حرف ، کامپیوتر: کاراکتر ، روانشناسی: منش ، علوم هوایی: یکی از نمادهای مقدماتی که برای بیان اطلاعات بصورت مجزا یا ترکیبی بکار میرود ، علوم نظامی: خصوصیت
الکترونیک: نویسه ، علامت ، دخشه ، کاراکتر ، کامپیوتر: صفت اختصاصی ، حرف ، علوم مهندسی: یکی از نمادهای مقدماتی که برای بیان اطلاعات بصورت مجزا یا ترکیبی بکار میرود ، هواپیمایی: سیرت ، صفت ، عدد صحیح ، خصوصیت ، علوم نظامی: منش ، روانشناسی: مونه ، منش ، خیم ، نهاد، سیرت ، صفات ممتازه ، هرنوع حروف نوشتنی وچاپی ، خط، رقم ، شخصیت های نمایش یا داستان ، نوشتن ، مجسم کردن ، شخصیت ، دخشه کامپیوتر: کاراکتر ، حرف زیست شناسی: ویژگی

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- nature, attributes, calibre, complexion, disposition, personality, quality, temperament, type
- reputation, honour, integrity, rectitude, strength, uprightness
- role, part, persona, portrayal
- eccentric, card (informal), oddball (informal), original
- symbol, device, figure, hieroglyph, letter, mark, rune, sign
Related Words: cipher, device, monogram, letter, distinction, uniqueness, uniquity, soul, spirit, courage, mettle, resolution, intellect, intelligence, mind

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character S1 W1 /ˈkærəktə, ˈkærɪktə $ -ər/ noun
[Word Family: noun: character, characteristic, characterization; adjective: characteristicuncharacteristic, characterless; verb: characterize; adverb: characteristicallyuncharacteristically]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: caractere, from Latin character 'mark, particular quality', from Greek, from charassein 'to make a mark in a surface']

1. ALL SB’S QUALITIES [countable usually singular] the particular combination of qualities that makes someone a particular type of person ⇒ characteristic:
He has a cheerful but quiet character.
Children grow up with a mixture of character traits (=character qualities) from both sides of their family.
his temper and other character flaws (=bad qualities)
in character/out of character (=typical or untypical of someone’s character)
He swore, which was out of character for him.
the English/French etc character
Openness is at the heart of the American character.
character sketch (=a description of someone’s character)

2. PERSON [countable]
a) a person in a book, play, film etc:
Candida is the most interesting character in the play.
In the story, the main character has left his girlfriend and baby.
Everyone recognizes Disney’s cartoon characters.
b) a person of a particular type, especially a strange or dishonest one:
a couple of shady characters standing on the corner
I’m considered a reformed character these days (=someone who has stopped doing bad things).
c) an interesting and unusual person:
Linda was something of a character.

3. QUALITIES OF SOMETHING [singular, uncountable] the particular combination of features and qualities that makes a thing or place different from all others Synonym : nature
character of
The whole character of the school has changed.
the unspoilt character of the coast
in character
The southern state became more nationalist in character.

4. MORAL STRENGTH [uncountable] a combination of qualities such as courage, loyalty, and honesty that are admired and regarded as valuable:
a woman of great character
Schools were created to teach reading and mathematics, not moral character.
It takes strength of character to admit you are wrong.
Sport can be character building (=develop good moral qualities).

5. INTERESTING QUALITY [uncountable] a quality that makes someone or something special and interesting:
a red wine with a meaty character
suburban houses that lack character

6. REPUTATION [uncountable] formal the opinion that people have about whether you are a good person and can be trusted:
a man of previous good character
The campaign was accused of character assassination (=an unfair attack on someone’s character) because of its negative ads.
His defence called several people as character witnesses (=people who think that someone has a good character).
Mr Wetherby wrote him a character reference (=a statement about his good qualities).

7. LETTER/SIGN [countable] a letter, mark, or sign used in writing, printing, or on a computer:
the Chinese character for ‘horse’

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I. person's nature/person with a particular nature
ADJ. good, excellent, exemplary, impeccable | generous, gentle, likeable, lovable, popular | colourful, larger-than-life, lively, real You must have come across some real characters, working in the circus.
reformed He used to go out every night, but now he's a reformed character.
complex, elusive, enigmatic, odd | forceful, formidable, strong | weak | volatile | prickly, unpleasant | bad, evil, ruthless, violent | dubious, shady, suspicious Who's that suspicious character hanging around outside?
true | local The pub was full of colourful local characters.
human | moral a woman of impeccable moral character
VERB + CHARACTER be, have | form, make up | reveal She revealed her true character when anyone disagreed with her.
conceal, hide | reflect His scruffy appearance does not reflect his character.
CHARACTER + NOUN trait | defect | change She's undergone a complete character change since her promotion.
reference Applicants were required to obtain character references before being considered for the work.
assassination The defence lawyer attempted a character assassination of the witness (= tried to show the witness had a bad character).
actor, actress
PREP. in sb's ~ It's not in his character to tell lies.
out of ~ The lawyer argued that his client's violent behaviour was out of character.

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II. nature of sth
ADJ. distinctive, individual, unique | essential, fundamental, intrinsic | original | traditional The renovated buildings retain their traditional character.
international, national, regional Food in Italy has a distinct regional character. the features that make up the national character
intimate | public the public character of material published on the Internet
serious offences of a serious character
military, political | rural, urban The development detracts from the rural character of the area.
VERB + CHARACTER have Each house in the street has its own distinctive character.
assume, take on As you move north, the landscape takes on a different character.
form, make up factors that form the character of a nation
lose The town centre has lost much of its original character.
retain | preserve | give sth It's the basil that gives the sauce its essential character.
PREP. in ~ The houses are Mediterranean in character.

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III. interesting quality that sth has
ADJ. considerable, great
VERB + CHARACTER have His face has character?I'll say that for it.
add, give sth the individual touches that give character to a house
PREP. of ~ buildings of considerable character
PHRASES full of character The restaurant is cheap and full of character.
have a character of its own/all (of) its own Your handwriting has a character of its own.

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IV. person's inner strength
ADJ. great
VERB + CHARACTER show The team showed great character in coming back to win.
build Adventure camps are considered to be character-building.
PHRASES strength of character

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V. person in a story/film, etc.
ADJ. central, chief, leading, main, principal | minor, supporting | fictional, fictitious | believable | sympathetic, unsympathetic | comic, heroic, tragic | cartoon
VERB + CHARACTER play, portray The main character is played by Nicole Kidman.
develop the artist who developed the Superman character
kill off The writers killed off her character when she wanted to leave the soap.
CHARACTER + NOUN development
PREP. in ~ The actors remained in character to answer questions from the audience.

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VI. letter/sign in writing/printing
ADJ. Chinese | ASCII, numeric
QUANT. set, string
VERB + CHARACTER insert | delete
CHARACTER + NOUN set, string

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the main/central/leading character
Alec is the central character in the play.
the lead character (=in a play, film, or television series)
DiCaprio played the lead character in Titanic.
a minor character
Two of the minor characters get killed.
a television/movie/cartoon character
Who’s your favourite television character?
a comic/tragic character (=a funny or sad one)
Homer Simpson is a great comic character.
fictional/fictitious (=not existing in real life)
People sometimes forget that television characters are fictional.
convincing (=seeming like a real person)
The characters were totally convincing.
a sympathetic character (=one you like)
In the book, Jeff isn’t a sympathetic character.
play a character
I wanted to play the character of Danny.
portray a character (=show one in a play, book, film etc)
The main characters are brilliantly portrayed.
develop a character (=make a character become more interesting)
The movie didn’t develop his character as well as the book did.
character development (=the process of developing characters)
I thought the plot was boring and there wasn’t much character development.
a character actor (=an actor who plays interesting or unusual characters)
He’s a well-known character actor.

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BAD: She has that rare character - the ability to listen to people.
GOOD: She has that rare characteristic - the ability to listen to

Usage Note:
BAD: However, the Japanese also have a lot of good characters.
GOOD: However, the Japanese also have a lot of good points.
When you mean 'a feature of someone's character', use characteristic or quality : 'All great leaders share certain mean characteristics.' 'What qualities do you need to be a good parent?' In contrast with qualities that you do not like, you can also talk about someone's good points.

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See: in character

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