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cold /kəʊld $ koʊld/ adjective (comparative colder, superlative coldest)
cold noun

سرماخوردگی ، زکام ، سردشدن یا کردن
- chilly, arctic, bleak, cool, freezing, frigid, frosty, frozen, icy, wintry
- unfriendly, aloof, distant, frigid, indifferent, reserved, standoffish
- coldness, chill, frigidity, frostiness, iciness
Antonyms: warm, hot
Contrasted words: genial, mild, cordial, friendly, hearty, warm, empathic, sympathetic
Related Words: biting, bleak, chilling, cutting, nipping, polar, raw, sharp, frozen, iced, wintry, bracing, brisk, crisp, snappy, unenthusiastic, unresponsive, unsympathetic
English Thesaurus: cold, cool, freezing (cold), shivery, chilly, ...

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I. cold1 S1 W1 /kəʊld $ koʊld/ adjective (comparative colder, superlative coldest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: ceald, cald]

1. OBJECTS/SURFACES/LIQUIDS/ROOMS something that is cold has a low temperature Antonym : hotcoldness:
She splashed her face with cold water.
a blast of cold air
We slept on the cold ground.
The house felt cold and empty.
ice/stone/freezing cold (=very cold)
The radiator is stone cold; isn’t the heating working?
go/get cold (=become cold)
My tea’s gone cold.
Come and eat or your dinner will get cold!

2. WEATHER when there is cold weather, the temperature of the air is very low Antonym : hotcoldness:
It was so cold this morning I had to scrape the ice off my windshield.
The day was bitterly cold.
The hut sheltered her from the cold wind.
cold winter/evening/January etc
the coldest winter on record
cold out/outside
It was raining and freezing cold outside.
The weather gets colder around the middle of October.
turn/grow cold (=become cold or colder, especially suddenly)
The nights grew colder.

3. be/feel/look/get cold if you are cold, your body is at a low temperature:
Could you turn up the heater, I’m cold.
I feel so cold!
My feet are as cold as ice (=very cold).

4. FOOD cold food is cooked but not eaten hot:
a plate of cold meats
a cold buffet
Serve the potatoes cold.

5. LACKING FEELING unfriendly or lacking normal human feelings such as sympathy, pity, humour etc Antonym : warmcoldly, coldness:
Martin was really cold towards me at the party.
His voice was as cold as ice.
She gave him a cold stare.
a cold calculated murder

6. get/have cold feet informal to suddenly feel that you are not brave enough to do something you planned to do:
The plan failed after sponsors got cold feet.

7. give somebody the cold shoulder informal to deliberately ignore someone or be unfriendly to them, especially because they have upset or offended you

8. LIGHT/COLOUR a cold colour or light reminds you of things that are cold Antonym : warmcoldness:
the cold light of a fluorescent tube

9. in the cold light of day in the morning, when you can think clearly or see something clearly:
The house seemed less threatening in the cold light of day.

10. cold (hard) cash American English money in the form of paper money and coins rather than cheques or credit cards

11. leave somebody cold to not feel interested in or affected by something in any way:
Opera left him cold.

12. take/need a cold shower used humorously to say that someone is sexually excited and the cold water will stop them feeling that way

13. sb’s trail/scent is cold used to say that you cannot find someone because it has been too long since they passed or lived in a particular place:
I tracked the boy as far as the factory, but there his trail went cold.

14. IN GAMES [not before noun] used in children’s games, to say that someone is far away from the hidden object or answer they are trying to find:
You’re getting colder!

15. cold facts facts without anything added to make them more pleasant or interesting:
Statistics can be merely cold facts.

16. cold steel literary a weapon such as a knife or sword
in cold blood at blood1(3), ⇒ cold fish at fish1(8), ⇒ blow hot and cold at blow1(21), ⇒ cold comfort at comfort1(7), ⇒ pour cold water over/on at pour(6), ⇒ a cold sweat at sweat2(4)

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II. cold2 noun

1. [countable] a common illness that makes it difficult to breathe through your nose and often makes your throat hurt:
I’ve got a bad cold.
Keep your feet dry so you don’t catch a cold.common cold

2. [uncountable] (also the cold) a low temperature or cold weather:
I was shivering with cold.
Don’t go out in the cold without your coat!
you’ll catch your death of cold British English (=used to warn someone that they may become very ill if they do not keep themselves warm in cold weather)

3. come in from the cold to become accepted or recognized, especially by a powerful group of people

4. leave somebody out in the cold informal to not include someone in an activity:
He chose to favour us one at a time and the others were left out in the cold.

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III. cold3 adverb

1. American English suddenly and completely:
Paul stopped cold. ‘What was that noise?’

2. out cold informal unconscious:
He drank until he was out cold.
You were knocked out cold (=hit on the head so that you became unconscious).

3. without preparation:
I can’t just get up there and make a speech cold!

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I. not hot or warm
VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, get, grow, turn As evening fell it got very cold. The room grew cold. In January it turned very cold.
make sb/sth The rain overnight had made the water cold.
keep sth Use ice to keep the drinks cold.
ADV. bitterly, extremely, freezing, ice-, icy, terribly, very It's bitterly cold outside. There was a freezing cold wind. an ice-cold beer
fairly, quite, rather

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II. not cooked/having become cold after cooking
VERBS be | get, go Your dinner's getting cold. I'm afraid the coffee's gone cold.
eat sth, serve sth Bake in the oven for twenty minutes. Serve hot or cold.
ADV. stone This soup is stone cold!

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I. lack of heat; low temperature
ADJ. biting, bitter, extreme, freezing
VERB + COLD feel I don't feel the cold as badly as many people.
keep out The house has double glazing to keep out the cold.
be blue with, be numb with My hands were blue with cold.
PREP. against the ~ We were well wrapped up against the cold.
out in the ~ He stood out in the cold and waited. (figurative) When the coalition was formed the Liberals were left out in the cold (= were not invited to join it).

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II. common illness
ADJ. bad, heavy, nasty She won her match despite suffering from a heavy cold.
slight | common When will they find a cure for the common cold?
chest, head
VERB + COLD have, nurse, suffer from Jim stayed at home because he was nursing a cold.
catch, go down with, take I must have caught a cold on the bus. If you stay out in the rain you'll catch cold! He took cold, developed pneumonia, and that was the end of him.
 ⇒ Special page at ILLNESS

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cold weather
More cold weather is expected later this week.
a cold night/day
It was a cold night with a starlit sky.
a cold winter
A cold winter will increase oil consumption.
a cold wind
A cold wind was blowing from the north.
a cold spell (=a period of cold weather, especially a short one)
We’re currently going through a bit of a cold spell.
a cold snap (=a short period of very cold weather)
There had been a sudden cold snap just after Christmas.
freezing/icy cold
Take your gloves – it’s freezing cold out there.
bitterly cold (=very cold)
The winter of 1921 was bitterly cold.
unusually/exceptionally cold
a period of unusually cold weather
quite/pretty cold
It’s going to be quite cold today.
cold out/outside
It’s too cold out – I’m staying at home.
become cold (also get cold informal)
In my country, it never really gets cold.
turn/grow cold (=become cold, especially suddenly)
The birds fly south before the weather turns cold.

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