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blood /blʌd/ noun [uncountable]

خوی ، مزاج ، نسبت ، خویشاوندی ، نژاد ، (مج). نیرو ، خون الودکردن ، خون جاری کردن ، خون کسی را بجوش اوردن ، عصبانی کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: دم ، نسب ، ورزش: سگ شکاری و بوی خن
پزشکی: خون

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- lifeblood, gore, vital fluid
- family, ancestry, birth, descent, extraction, kinship, lineage, relations
Related Words: ichor, humor

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I. blood1 S2 W1 /blʌd/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: blood, bleeding; adjective: bloodless, bloody; verb: bleed]
[Language: Old English; Origin: blod]

1. the red liquid that your heart pumps around your body:
Her body was found in a pool of blood.
Blood oozed from a cut on his forehead.
Blood tests proved he was not the father.

2. (have) sb’s blood on your hands to have caused someone’s death:
dictators with blood on their hands

3. in cold blood in a cruel and deliberate way:
Evans had been murdered in cold blood.

4. make sb’s blood boil to make someone extremely angry:
The way they treat people makes my blood boil.

5. make sb’s blood run cold to make someone feel extremely frightened

6. like getting blood out of a stone almost impossible:
Getting the truth out of her is like getting blood out of a stone.

7. blood is thicker than water used to say that family relationships are more important than any other kind

8. be after sb’s blood to be angry enough to want to hurt someone

9. sb’s blood is up British English someone is extremely angry about something and determined to do something about it:
They tried to stop me, but my blood was up.

10. the family to which you belong from the time that you are born:
There’s Irish blood on his mother’s side.

11. be/run in sb’s blood if an ability or tendency is in, or runs in, someone’s blood, it is natural to them and others in their family

12. sweat blood to work extremely hard to achieve something:
Beth sweated blood over that article.

13. blood, sweat, and tears extremely hard work

14. new/fresh blood new members in a group or organization who bring new ideas and energy:
We need to bring in some new blood and fresh ideas.

15. blood on the carpet a situation where people have a very strong disagreement, with the result that something serious happens, such as someone losing his or her job

16. young blood old-fashioned a fashionable young man

17. especially American English spoken a way of greeting a friend, used by young men
bad blood at bad1(27), ⇒ blue-blooded, red blood cell, white blood cell, ⇒ your own flesh and blood at flesh1(6), ⇒ shed blood at shed2(5)

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II. blood2 verb [transitive]
British English to give someone their first experience of an activity, especially a difficult or unpleasant one

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ADJ. cold, warm animals with warm blood
clotted, congealed, dried | arterial, venous | menstrual | contaminated | aristocratic, noble, royal I doubt if I have a single drop of aristocratic blood in my veins.
Mediterranean, Spanish, etc.
QUANT. drop, pool, trickle The body lay in a pool of blood. A thin trickle of blood ran down from a cut above her eye.
spots, traces He worked to remove all traces of blood.
VERB + BLOOD lose She'd lost a lot of blood and doctors decided to do a transfusion.
shed, spill (literary) He was a hot-headed warrior, always too quick to shed blood.
donate, give The hospital appealed for more people to give blood (= for blood transfusions).
pump The heart pumps blood around the body.
choke on He choked on his own blood after being shot in the throat.
smear There was blood smeared down his shirt.
BLOOD + VERB dribble, drip, flow, gush, ooze, run, seep, splash, spurt, stream, trickle, well (up) Blood oozed slowly from the corner of his mouth.
spread The blood spread rapidly from where he lay.
spatter, splatter Blood spattered the seats of the vehicle. | soak (into) sth | cake sth, stain sth Dried blood caked his hands.
clot, coagulate | circulate He rubbed his limbs vigorously to get the blood circulating.
course, rush, surge I felt the blood coursing in my veins as I ran. The blood rushed to her face as she realized her error.
drum, hammer, pound, pulse, thud, thunder The blood drummed in her ears.
drain The blood drained from his face when I told him the news.
freeze, run/turn cold, turn to ice (figurative) Our blood ran cold at the thought of how easily we could have been killed.
BLOOD + NOUN cell | group, type What blood group are you?
sample, test | loss | donation, donor | bank | circulation, flow, supply | pressure | clot, coagulation | cancer, disease, disorder, poisoning | cholesterol, fats, glucose, sugar
PREP. in ~ His shirt was soaked in blood.
in sb's/the ~ Traces of an illegal substance were found in his blood.
~ from My handkerchief was soaked in blood from my nose.
PHRASES caked in/with blood The dog's fur was caked in blood when we found him.
covered in/with blood He was lying on the floor, covered in blood.
in cold blood He shot them in cold blood (= in a way that was planned and deliberately cruel).

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lose blood (=from a cut or wound)
He had lost a lot of blood and was very weak.
give/donate blood (=provide blood from your body for the medical treatment of other people)
The Health Service is asking for more people to donate blood.
draw blood (=make someone bleed)
He touched me with the knife and it drew blood.
blood flows
A quick walk will get the blood in your legs flowing again.
blood trickles (=moves slowly)
The blood was beginning to trickle down his leg.
blood oozes (=comes out slowly)
Blood was oozing from her forehead.
be covered in blood
His face was covered in blood.
blood gushes/streams (=moves fast)
A man was lying in the street with blood gushing from his head.
blood clots (=forms a mass and stops flowing)
The blood should clot and stop the wound from bleeding.
be caked with blood (=covered with dry blood)
The cat's fur was caked with blood.
be spattered/splattered with blood (=covered with small spots of blood)
Today the only sign of violence is the walls spattered with blood.
blood pressure (=the force with which blood moves through your body)
High blood pressure increases the risk of a heart attack.
somebody's blood type/group (=one of the different types of human blood)
What blood type are you?
a blood cell
The red blood cells carry oxygen.
a blood vessel (=a tube in your body through which blood flows)
the blood vessels that lead to the heart
a blood clot (=a mass formed when blood dries or sticks together)
Blood clots in the legs are potentially fatal.
the blood flow
Fat reduces the blood flow to the surface of the skin.
the blood supply (=the blood that flows to a part of the body)
the blood supply to the brain
a blood test (=a test done on your blood to see if you have a disease or another condition)
a blood sample (=a small amount of blood taken from your body to test)
a blood transfusion (=putting more blood in someone's body for medical reasons)
a drop of blood
Police found tiny drops of blood in the apartment.
loss of blood
She suffered a massive loss of blood.
a pool of blood
A dark pool of blood was spreading from his head.
a trickle of blood
A trickle of blood was coming from his nose.

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