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fish /fɪʃ/ noun (plural fish or fishes)

(بصورت جمع) انواع ماهیان ، ماهی صید کردن ، ماهی گرفتن ، صیداز اب ، بست زدن (به) ، جستجو کردن ، طلب کردن ، علوم مهندسی: پشت بند گذاشتن ، ورزش: بکاربردن طعمه ماهیگیری مخصوص
Synonyms: fool, butt, chump, dupe, fall guy, gudgeon, gull, pigeon, sap, sucker, dollar, bill, bone, buck, frogskin, iron man, one, skin, smacker, smackeroo
Synonyms: hint, angle

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Fish, Michael
(1944–) a British weatherman (=someone who gives weather reports on television and radio) who works for the BBC. Many British people remember how, in 1987, he said that there would definitely not be a storm, just before the worst storm of the 20th century took place. He retired in 2004.

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I. fish1 S1 W1 /fɪʃ/ noun (plural fish or fishes)
[Word Family: noun: fish, fishing, fishery; verb: fish; adverb: fishily; adjective: fishy]
[Language: Old English; Origin: fisc; related to Pisces]

1. [countable] an animal that lives in water, and uses its fins and tail to swim:
Over 1,500 different species of fish inhabit the waters around the reef.
The stonefish is the most deadly of all fishes.
The lake is well stocked with fish (=it contains a lot of fish).

2. [uncountable] the flesh of a fish used as food ⇒ seafood:
You usually drink white wine with fish.
In Japan, people eat raw fish.
Oily fish (=fish that contains a lot of oil) is supposed to be good for you.
You say fish and chips, not 'chips and fish'.

3. (be/feel) like a fish out of water to feel uncomfortable because you feel you do not belong in a place or situation:
I felt like a fish out of water in my new school.

4. there are plenty more fish in the sea used to tell someone whose relationship has ended that there are other people they can have a relationship with

5. neither fish nor fowl neither one thing nor another

6. have other/bigger fish to fry informal to have other things to do, especially more important things

7. odd fish/queer fish British English old-fashioned someone who is slightly strange or crazy

8. cold fish an unfriendly person who seems to have no strong feelings

9. a big fish in a little/small pond someone who is important in or who has influence over a very small area
drink like a fish at drink1(2), ⇒ another/a different kettle of fish at kettle(3)

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II. fish2 S3 verb
[Word Family: noun: fish, fishing, fishery; verb: fish; adverb: fishily; adjective: fishy]

1. [intransitive] to try to catch fish ⇒ fishing:
Dad really loves to fish.
fish for
a Japanese vessel fishing for tuna in the Eastern Pacific

2. [intransitive always +adverb/preposition] informal to search for something in a bag, pocket etc
fish about/around
She fished around in her purse and pulled out a photo.
fish for
Chris fished in his pocket for a coin.

3. [transitive] to try to catch fish in a particular area of water ⇒ fishing:
Other nations are forbidden to fish the waters within 200 miles of the coast.

4. fish for compliments to try to make someone say something nice about you, usually by first criticizing yourself – used to show disapproval:
It’s sickening the way he’s always fishing for compliments.

5. [intransitive] to try to find out information, without asking directly:
‘Are you here with your wife?’ she asked, fishing.
fish somebody/something ↔ out phrasal verb
a) to pull someone or something out of water
fish somebody/something ↔ out of
The body was fished out of the East River a week later.
b) to find something after searching through a bag, pocket etc, and take it out
fish somebody/something ↔ out of
Eric fished a peppermint out of the bag.

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I. animal that lives and breathes in water
ADJ. freshwater, marine, salt-water, sea | tropical | predatory
QUANT. school, shoal
VERB + FISH catch, land He landed one very big fish.
breed, farm, have, keep fish farmed in Scotland He keeps tropical fish.
FISH + VERB swim | hatch | bite The fish aren't biting (= biting at the bait) today.
FISH + NOUN species | bowl, pond, tank | food | stocks the depletion of fish stocks

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II. fish as food
ADJ. fresh | dried, frozen, salted, smoked | oily | red, white
QUANT. bit, piece | fillet
VERB + FISH eat, have | clean, fillet, gut, prepare, skin I cleaned and filleted the fish.
marinade | bake, cook, fry, grill, poach, steam | flake Remove the skin and flake the cooked fish.
FISH + VERB taste This fish tastes funny.
FISH + NOUN bone | cake, dish, finger, oil, paste, pie, sauce, soup, stock | market, shop | knife, slice
PHRASES fish and chips, fish in batter
 ⇒ Special page at FOOD

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freshwater fish (=that live in rivers or lakes)
The pools are home to frogs, newts, and freshwater fish.
saltwater fish (=that live in the ocean)
saltwater fish such as cod and tuna
river/sea fish
Pike are river fish.
tropical fish
a tank full of tropical fish
farmed fish (=fish that are from a fish farm)
We also know that farmed fish don’t have as much omega 3 as wild salmon.
catch/land a fish
Pete caught a really big fish.
breed fish
He has been breeding tropical fish for many years.
keep fish (=have them as pets or for breeding)
We used to keep tropical fish when I was young.
fillet a fish (=cut the meat away from the bones)
You need a sharp knife to fillet fish.
a fish swims
Red fish swam on either side of the boat.
a fish bites (=it takes food from a hook and gets caught)
The fish aren’t biting today.
fish stocks (=the quantity of fish in the sea)
Fish stocks have declined dramatically.
fish species (also species of fish) (=the group of fish that are similar and can breed together)
74 of California's 113 native fish species are in need of protection.
a fish tank (=for keeping fish indoors, usually as pets)
The filter in his fish tank made a quiet humming noise.
a fish pond (=for keeping fish outdoors, in a garden)
We’re thinking of building a fish pond in the back garden.
fish food (=for feeding fish)
I sprinkled some fish food into the tank.
a shoal/school of fish (=a large group swimming together)
Shoals of little fish were swimming around her.
fresh fish
The market sells an amazing variety of fresh fish.
frozen fish (=stored at a very low temperature to preserve it)
I stopped at the supermarket to buy some frozen fish.
white fish (=whose meat is white when cooked)
grilled white fish
oily fish (=containing a lot of natural oil)
A diet of oily fish can help prevent heart disease.
fried fish (=cooked in hot oil)
We’re going to have fried fish tonight.
steamed/poached fish (=cooked over boiling water)
The kitchen smelt of steamed fish.
baked fish (=cooked in an oven)
Serve the baked fish with slices of lemon.
battered fish (=covered in a mixture of flour and water, and then fried)
The restaurant is well-known for its battered fish dishes.
raw fish (=not cooked)
In Japan we like to eat raw fish.
smoked fish (=left in smoke to give it a special taste)
It was the finest smoked fish they had ever tasted.
dried fish (=preserved by having the water removed)
Occasionally, the guards gave us some vegetables and dried fish.
salted fish (=preserved by adding salt)
The dish is made with rice and salted fish.
eat fish
You should eat more fish.
cook fish
I think I’ll cook fish tonight.
a fish shop
She works in the fish shop on the High Street.
a fish market
I brought some salmon at the local fish market.
fish soup
Use the bones to make fish soup.
fish paste (=a smooth food, made by crushing fish )
She spread some fish paste on fresh bread.
fish and chips
Why don't we stop off for some fish and chips on the way home?

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BAD: I had never seen such brightly coloured fishes before.
GOOD: I had never seen such brightly coloured fish before.

Usage Note:
The plural form of fish is usually fish : 'Did you catch any fish?' 'The fish in the market are always fresh.'
The plural form fishes is used mainly in stories for small children and in scientific or technical styles (to refer to different species of fish).

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See: cold fish , kettle of fish , neither fish nor fowl , not the only fish in the sea , other fish to fry

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Forget It Stuff Happens (polite form)

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