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collectable /kəˈlektəbəl/ (also col‧lect‧i‧ble /-əbəl, -ɪbəl/) adjective

قابل وصول ، جمع کردنی
collectable /kəˈlektəbəl/ (also col‧lect‧i‧ble /-əbəl, -ɪbəl/) adjective
[Word Family: noun: collection, collector, collective, collectable, collectible, collectivism, collectivization; adjective: collected, collective, collectable, collectible, collectivist; verb: collect, collectivize; adverb: collectively]
something that is collectable is likely to be bought and kept as part of a group of similar things, especially because it might increase in value
—collectable noun [countable]:
shops selling antiques and collectables

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