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collection /kəˈlekʃən/ noun

جمع اوری اخبار ، دریافت ، جمع اوری ، وصول ، گرداوری ، گرداورد ، کلکسیون ، اجتماع ، مجموعه ، کامپیوتر: جمع اوری ، قانون ـ فقه: وصول ، بازرگانی: وصول ، علوم نظامی: جمع اوری کردن
الکترونیک: جمع اوری ، کامپیوتر: وصول ، تجارت خارجی: وصول ، حقوق: جمع اوری اخبار ، جمع اوری ، جمع اوری کردن ، علوم نظامی: دریافت ، جمع اوری ، وصول ، اقتصاد: جمع اوری ، وصول ، گرداوری ، گرداورد، کلکسیون ، اجتماع ، مجموعه کامپیوتر: جمع آوری

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- accumulation, anthology, compilation, heap, hoard, mass, pile, set, stockpile, store
- group, assembly, assortment, cluster, company, crowd
- contribution, alms, offering, offertory
Related Words: band, crew, outfit, party, assortment, medley, miscellany, variety, bunch, clump, cluster, group, armamentarium, caboodle, kit, lot

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collection S2 W1 /kəˈlekʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: collection, collector, collective, collectable, collectible, collectivism, collectivization; adjective: collected, collective, collectable, collectible, collectivist; verb: collect, collectivize; adverb: collectively]

1. SET/GROUP [countable]
a) a set of similar things that are kept or brought together because they are attractive or interesting ⇒ collect, collector:
a stamp collection
my record collection
collection of
a collection of Japanese vases
b) a group of objects together in the same place:
a collection of empty wine bottles on the back porch

2. MONEY [countable] the act of asking people to give you money for an organization that helps people, or during a church service, or the money collected in this way ⇒ collect
collection for
Every Christmas we have a collection for a local charity.
We’ll be taking up a collection at the end of tonight’s service.

3. RENT/DEBTS/TAXES [uncountable] the act of obtaining money that is owed to you ⇒ collect, collector:
a debt collection agency

4. BRINGING TOGETHER [uncountable] the act of bringing together things of the same type from different places to form a group ⇒ collect:
a computerized data collection system

5. TAKING SOMETHING AWAY [uncountable and countable] the act of taking something from a place ⇒ collect:
Garbage collections are made every Tuesday morning.
Please collect your purchases from the customer collection point.

6. FASHION [countable] the clothes designed by a fashion company for a particular season:
Donna Karen’s new spring collection

7. BOOKS/MUSIC [countable] several stories, poems, pieces of music etc that are in one book or on one record
collection of
a new collection of Frost’s poetry

8. PEOPLE [countable usually singular] a group of people, especially people you think are strange or unusual in some way
collection of
There was an interesting collection of people at the wedding.

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I. group of objects
ADJ. big, extensive, huge, large, major, substantial, vast | small | growing | complete, comprehensive | core, permanent The permanent collection is displayed on the first floor, whilst the ground floor houses temporary exhibitions.
reserve The museum has a large reserve collection in storage, which members of the public rarely get to see.
amazing, extraordinary, fascinating, fine, good, great, important, impressive, interesting, magnificent, outstanding, remarkable, rich, stunning, superb, unique, useful, valuable | bizarre, disparate, diverse, heterogeneous, jumbled, miscellaneous, motley, odd, random, strange, varied | representative to assemble and analyse a representative collection of data
celebrated, distinguished, famous, prestigious, renowned | family, personal, private the largest private art collection in the world
public | international, local, national | historical | reference, research a research collection available for study by archaeologists
archive, library, museum a historical archive collection of 20,000 documents
antiques, art, book, CD, coin, manuscript, photographic, picture, plant, record, stamp
VERB + COLLECTION boast, have The museum boasts a superb collection of medieval weapons.
acquire, amass, assemble, build up, compile, make He built up his collection over a period of ten years. She made a collection of Roman coins and medals.
start | add to a new painting to add to their collection
complete She needed only one more stamp to complete her collection.
hold, house a new building to house the national collection of arms and armour
display, exhibit, show A glass-fronted cabinet displayed a collection of china figurines.
view, visit, see I was allowed to view his family collection of portrait miniatures.
consult, study Historians frequently ask to consult the collection.
organize She had the task of cataloguing the library and organizing the collection of rare manuscripts.
COLLECTION + VERB consist of sth, contain sth, include sth The collection contains some 500 items.
cover sth The collection covers all phases of Picasso's career.
come from … | date from … major collections dating from the 11th to the 19th century
grow The museum's collection is growing all the time.
be available, be/go on display/show/view The collection is to go on public display for the first time next month. The collection is rarely on view to the public.
PREP. ~ of a valuable collection of antique porcelain
 ⇒ Note at ART

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II. taking sth away/bringing sth together
ADJ. routine, systematic the systematic collection of data
efficient | free The council offers free collection of waste.
weekly | data | debt, rent, revenue, tax the need for more efficient tax collection
refuse, rubbish, waste
VERB + COLLECTION await, be ready for Your car is awaiting collection at our garage.
arrange, organize They will arrange collection of the chairs.
COLLECTION + NOUN point a lack of collection points for waste paper
service a refuse collection service
PREP. ~ of There are some difficulties with the collection of reliable data.
PHRASES a method of collection different methods of data collection

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III. poems/stories/music
VERB + COLLECTION compile, edit, publish to publish a collection of scholarly essays
PREP. ~ of

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IV. money
ADJ. house-to-house, street | charity, church
VERB + COLLECTION have, make, organize, take We will have a collection for charity at the end of the concert. A collection will be taken at the end of the service.
COLLECTION + NOUN box, plate the church collection plate
PREP. ~ for a street collection for famine relief

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V. new clothes
ADJ. new | autumn, spring, etc. | ready-to-wear
VERB + COLLECTION show, unveil the first designer to unveil his collection for the spring season

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an art collection
the National Gallery’s art collection
a stamp/coin/book/glass etc collection
an impressive Roman coin collection
a CD/record/music collection
Have you seen his CD collection?
a photographic collection
The museum’s photographic collection dates from the nineteenth century.
a museum collection
The specimens are now part of a fine museum collection in London.
a library collection
Most lecturers are keen to build up library collections in their subjects.
a private collection (=belonging to a person rather than a museum, gallery etc)
Many of the paintings are now in private collections.
a national collection
France has many national art collections.
a permanent collection
The art gallery hosts exhibitions and a permanent collection.
a large collection (also an extensive collection formal)
The museum has an extensive collection of Greek statues.
have a collection
She has an extensive collection of Chinese vases.
start a collection
I think I might start a stamp collection.
build up a collection
He gradually built up a collection of plants from all over the world.
acquire/assemble/amass a collection formal
The two men amassed a remarkable collection of medieval manuscripts.
something holds/houses a collection formal
The museum holds a comprehensive collection of photographs from that period.
a collection consists of/contains something
The collection consists of some 500 items.
a collection includes something
The collection includes paintings both in oils and in watercolours.

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