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9-ˈ11 Comˌmission
commission /kəˈmɪʃən/ noun

کمیسیون و کمیته ، ارتکاب ، حق العمل کاری ، امانت فروشی ، درگیر رزم کردن ، بکار بردن عده ها عملیاتی کردن ، مامور کردن ، زیر امر قرار دادن ، ماموریت امریه ، کارمزد ، حق دلالی
(n.) ماموریت ، تصدی ، حق العمل ، فرمان ، حکم ، هیئت ، مامورین ، کمیسیون ، انجام
(vt.) گماشتن ، ماموریت دادن ، قانون ـ فقه: کارمزد ، نمایندگی یا ماموریت دادن ، بازرگانی: کارمزد ، تخفیف ، کمیسیون ، علوم نظامی: حق العمل مامور شدن
مهندسی صنایع: حق العمل ، حق الزحمه مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: ماْموریت کامپیوتر: مزد

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- duty, errand, mandate, mission, task
- fee, cut, percentage, rake-off (slang), royalties
- committee, board, commissioners, delegation, deputation, representatives
- appoint, authorize, contract, delegate, depute, empower, engage, nominate, order, select
Related Words: appoint, designate, name, nominate, bid, charge, command, enjoin, instruct, order

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9-ˈ11 Comˌmission
a US commission (=group of people who have been given the official job of finding out about something) set up by Congress to examine the actions taken by the US government before, during, and after the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington on September 11, 2001. The Commission wanted to find out if the US government knew that an attack might take place and if the government was properly prepared for any attack. It also wanted to establish whether the government acted properly after the attack. It criticized the CIA, FBI, and the US government. The commission was closed in 2004.

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Commission, the
an informal name for the European Commission

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I. commission1 S3 W2 /kəˈmɪʃən/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin commissio, from commissus, past participle of committere; commit]

1. [countable] a group of people who have been given the official job of finding out about something or controlling something:
The Government set up a commission to investigate allegations of police violence.
commission on
the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

2. [uncountable and countable] an extra amount of money that is paid to a person or organization according to the value of the goods they have sold or the services they have provided:
The dealer takes a 20% commission on the sales he makes.
on commission
He sold cosmetics on commission.

3. [countable] a request for an artist, designer, or musician to make a piece of art or music, for which they are paid:
a commission from the Academy for a new sculpture

4. [countable] the position of an officer in the army, navy etc

5. [uncountable] formal the commission of a crime is the act of doing it ⇒ commit

6. out of commission
a) not working or not available for use:
One of the ship’s anchors was out of commission.
b) informal ill or injured, and unable to work

7. in commission available to be used:
The operating theatres will be back in commission next week.

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II. commission2 AC verb

1. [transitive] to formally ask someone to write an official report, produce a work of art for you etc:
The report was commissioned by the Welsh Office.
commission somebody to do something
Macmillan commissioned her to illustrate a book by Spike Milligan.

2. be commissioned (into something) to be given an officer’s rank in the army, navy etc:
I was commissioned into the RAF.

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I. asking sb to do a piece of work for you
ADJ. private, public
VERB + COMMISSION accept, get, receive I have received a private commission to paint the prince's family.
give sb

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II. official group asked to report on sth
ADJ. international, national | joint | independent | government, judicial, official, parliamentary, royal | permanent, standing | special | roving | working | economic, election, electoral, fact-finding, investigating, investigative, planning
VERB + COMMISSION appoint, establish, set up The government has set up a joint commission to consider the problem.
chair, head, preside over
PREP. ~ for the commission for racial equality
~ on a commission on domestic violence
PHRASES a commission of enquiry

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III. money for selling sth/providing a service
ADJ. big, high | small | fixed
VERB + COMMISSION earn, get, receive | pay | charge That bank charges a high commission for cashing traveller's cheques.
PREP. in ~ She earned £2,000 in commission last month.
on ~ Most of the salespeople are on commission.
~ for/on They get a 10% commission on every encyclopedia they sell.
PHRASES on a commission basis to work on a commission basis

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ADV. specially specially commissioned works
PREP. from The report was commissioned from scientists in five countries.

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set up/establish/create a commission
They set up a commission to investigate the problem of youth crime.
appoint a commission (=choose the members of a commission)
The President appointed a commission to develop standards in schools.
head a commission (=be in charge of one)
He was elected to head a commission on tax reform.
a commission recommends something
The commission recommended that the federal government change the way it measures inflation.
a commission approves something
The commission approved the plan.
a special commission
A special commission was set up to investigate the killings.
an independent commission
The plan requires approval by an independent commission.
an international commission
an international commission on climate change
a parliamentary commission
A report was made by a special parliamentary commission.
a government commission
A government commission regulates the process.
a national/federal commission
the National Commission on Terrorism
a presidential commission
the Presidentail Commission on Health Care
a joint commission (=involving two or more countries or groups)
a new India-Sri Lanka joint commission
an investigative/investigating commission
An investigative commission was set up immediately after the incident.

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See: in commission or into commission , out of commission

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