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compete /kəmˈpiːt/ verb [intransitive]

رقابت کردن با ، هم چشمی کردن ، مسابقه دادن ، علوم نظامی: تلاش و جدیت کردن
مهندسی صنایع: رقابت کردن ، چشم و هم چشمی کردن

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Synonyms: contend, be in the running, challenge, contest, fight, strive, struggle, vie
Related Words: dispute, battle, fight, strive, struggle, attempt, essay, try, approach, equal, match, touch
English Thesaurus: participate, take part, play a part/role, be involved, be active in something, ...

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compete S3 W3 /kəmˈpiːt/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: noun: competition, competitor, competitiveness; adjective: competitiveUNCOMPETITIVE, competing; verb: compete; adverb: competitively]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Late Latin; Origin: competere 'to try (with others) to get', from Latin, 'to come together, agree, be suitable', from com- ( ⇒ COM-) + petere 'to go to, look for']

1. BUSINESS if one company or country competes with another, it tries to get people to buy its goods or services rather than those available from another company or country ⇒ competition, competitor, competitive
compete with/against
They found themselves competing with foreign companies for a share of the market.
The Renault Clio competes against such cars as the Peugeot 206.
compete for
The stores have to compete for customers in the Christmas season.
compete in
The company must be able to compete in the international marketplace.
compete to do something
Several advertising agencies are competing to get the contract.
can’t compete (with something) (=be unable to be more successful)
Small independent bookstores simply can’t compete with the big national chains.

2. PERSON to try to gain something and stop someone else from having it or having as much of it ⇒ competition, competitive
compete for
She and her sister are always competing for attention.
compete against
I had to compete against 19 other people for the job.
compete with
As a stepmother, don’t even try to compete with the children’s mother for their love.

3. IN A COMPETITION to take part in a competition or sports event ⇒ competitor
compete in/at
How many runners will be competing in the marathon?
Professional athletes may now compete at the Olympics.
compete against
He’ll be competing against the world’s best.

4. somebody/something can’t compete with somebody/something to not be as interesting, attractive etc as someone or something else:
Melinda was plain and knew she couldn’t compete with her sister where boys were concerned.

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ADV. effectively, successfully | directly Their products compete directly with ours.
internationally, nationally The price must be right in order to compete internationally.
fiercely The big firms are competing fiercely on price.
VERB + COMPETE can't/cannot Small independent bookshops can't compete with the large stores.
PREP. against He welcomed the chance to compete against professional athletes.
for Animals in the wild have to compete for food.
in He regularly competes in road races.
with We have to compete with several larger companies.

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