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competitiveness /kəmˈpetətɪvnəs, kəmˈpetɪtɪvnəs/ noun [uncountable]

competitive: مسابقه ای ، قابل رقابت ، رقابتی ، سبقت جو ، رقابت امیز ، رقابتی
competitiveness /kəmˈpetətɪvnəs, kəmˈpetɪtɪvnəs/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: competition, competitor, competitiveness; adjective: competitiveUNCOMPETITIVE, competing; verb: compete; adverb: competitively]

1. the ability of a company, country, or a product to compete with others:
New machinery has enhanced the company’s productivity and competitiveness.
Europe’s competitiveness in international markets

2. the desire to be more successful than other people:
Her enthusiasm and competitiveness rubbed off on everyone.

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