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cooker /ˈkʊkə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

چراغ خوراک پزی
cooker S3 /ˈkʊkə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English
[Word Family: noun: cook, cooker, cookery, cooking; adjective: cooked ≠ uncooked, overcooked ≠ UNDERCOOKED, cooking; verb: cook, overcookUNDERCOOK]

1. a large piece of equipment for cooking food on or in Synonym : stove American English:
a gas cooker

2. a fruit, especially an apple, that is suitable for cooking but not for eating raw

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ADJ. electric, gas | pressure | free-standing
COOKER + NOUN hood, point

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BAD: The cooker puts too much salt in the food.
GOOD: The cook/chef puts too much salt in the food.

Usage Note:
cooker (AmE stove ) = a piece of equipment that you use for cooking food: 'I've never used a gas cooker before.'
cook = a person who cooks: 'My sister is a superb cook.'
chef = a cook who works in a restaurant: 'Jean-Paul is training to be a chef.'

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