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cookery /ˈkʊkəri/ noun [uncountable]

اشپزی ، اشپزخانه
cookery /ˈkʊkəri/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: cook, cooker, cookery, cooking; adjective: cooked ≠ uncooked, overcooked ≠ UNDERCOOKED, cooking; verb: cook, overcookUNDERCOOK]
British English the art or skill of cooking:
a one-year cookery course
French cookery

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ADJ. basic Before he leaves home, he needs to learn some basic cookery.
step-by-step a step-by-step cookery series for beginners
vegetarian | cordon bleu | microwave | Chinese, Eastern, French, etc.
COOKERY + NOUN demonstration | class, course, lesson, school | book, column, magazine, programme | expert, writer

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French/Italian/Indian etc cookery
Chillis are used a lot in Mexican cookery.
vegetarian cookery
More and more people are taking an interest in vegetarian cookery.
microwave cookery (=cooking using a microwave oven)
There are many books on microwave cookery.
cordon bleu cookery (=in the style of traditional French cooking of a high standard)
She did a course in cordon bleu cookery.
a cookery book (=telling you how to cook food)
She opened her cookery book and chose a recipe.
a cookery demonstration (=when someone shows you how to cook something)
After the cookery demonstration there is a free buffet.
a cookery course
I decided to take a three-week cookery course.
a cookery class/lesson
I had basic cookery lessons at school.
a cookery programme (=showing people how to cook on television)
There are a huge number of cookery programmes on TV nowadays.
a cookery writer (=someone who writes books or articles about cooking)
He's a cookery writer for a newspaper.

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