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criminal /ˈkrɪmənəl, ˈkrɪmɪnəl/ adjective
criminal noun [countable]

تبهکار ، مجرم ، جنایی ، بزهکار ، جنایتکار ، جانی ، گناهکار ، قانون ـ فقه: جزائی ، جنایتکار جنایی ، روانشناسی: کیفری
پزشکی: جنایی ، بزهکار ، جنایتکار

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- lawbreaker, convict, crook (informal), culprit, felon, offender, sinner, villain
- unlawful, corrupt, crooked (informal), illegal, illicit, immoral, lawless, wicked, wrong
- disgraceful, deplorable, foolish, preposterous, ridiculous, scandalous, senseless
Related Words: scofflaw, transgressor, trespasser, wrongdoer, crook, twicer, gangster, hood, mobster, racketeer, thug, fugitive, outlaw, convict, jailbird
English Thesaurus: criminal, offender, crook, felon, the culprit, ...

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I. criminal1 S3 W2 /ˈkrɪmənəl, ˈkrɪmɪnəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: crime, criminal, criminologist, criminology; verb: incriminate, criminalizedecriminalize; adjective: criminal, incriminating; adverb: criminally]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: criminel, from Late Latin criminalis, from Latin crimen; crime]

1. relating to crime:
Experts cannot agree on the causes of criminal behaviour.
I was sure he was involved in some kind of criminal activity.
She has not committed a criminal offence (=a crime).
He was arrested and charged with criminal damage (=damaging someone’s property illegally).
The doctor was found guilty of criminal negligence (=not taking enough care to protect people you are responsible for).

2. relating to the part of the legal system that is concerned with crime ⇒ civil:
The case will be tried in a criminal court.
We have no faith in the criminal justice system.
The police are investigating the matter, and he may face criminal charges (=be officially accused of a crime).
She usually deals with serious criminal cases.
a criminal lawyer

3. wrong, dishonest, and unacceptable Synonym : wicked:
It seems criminal that teachers are paid so little money.
—criminally adverb:
a hospital for the criminally insane
—criminality /ˌkrɪməˈnæləti, ˌkrɪmɪˈnæləti/ noun [uncountable]

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II. criminal2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: crime, criminal, criminologist, criminology; verb: incriminate, criminalizedecriminalize; adjective: criminal, incriminating; adverb: criminally]
someone who is involved in illegal activities or has been proved guilty of a crime ⇒ offender:
Police have described the man as a violent and dangerous criminal.
a convicted criminal (=someone who has been found guilty of a crime)
The new law will ensure that habitual criminals (=criminals who commit crimes repeatedly) receive tougher punishments than first-time offenders.
Teenagers should not be sent to prison to mix with hardened criminals (=criminals who have committed and will continue to commit a lot of crimes).

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ADJ. dangerous, violent | serious | habitual, hardened | professional | master | petty | convicted | known He has been associating with known criminals.
notorious | common She was treated like a common criminal.
white-collar | war He was tried as a war criminal.
VERB + CRIMINAL catch I told him to pass the information to the police so they could catch the criminals.

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criminal activity
There was no evidence of any criminal activity.
a criminal offence/act (=a crime)
Cruelty to animals is a criminal offence.
criminal behaviour
Is it possible that the tendency to criminal behaviour is inherited?
criminal wrongdoing American English (=actions that are illegal)
The investigation cleared him of any criminal wrongdoing.
criminal damage British English (=damaging someone's property illegally)
He was charged with criminal damage to his boss's car.
criminal negligence (=not taking enough care to protect people you are responsible for)
Charges of criminal negligence were brought against senior staff.
a criminal investigation (=when a possible crime is investigated)
The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into the bombing.
the criminal justice system
How effective is our criminal justice system?
criminal law
I’m more interested in criminal law than civil law.
a criminal charge (=an official accusation that someone has committed a crime)
He’s been arrested on a very serious criminal charge.
a criminal record (=a record, kept by the police, of the crimes someone has committed)
It can be hard for someone with a criminal record to find work.
a criminal case
The crown court usually deals with criminal cases.
a criminal trial
His year-long criminal trial ended in October.
criminal proceedings (=actions to deal with criminals, such as charging people with crimes or bringing them to trial)
Criminal proceedings have been started against the officers connected with the events.
a criminal court
The trial will take place in an international criminal court.
a criminal lawyer (=who deals with criminal cases)

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BAD: The criminal rate among juveniles is still increasing.
GOOD: The crime rate among juveniles is still increasing.
BAD: What makes them choose a criminal life?
GOOD: What makes them choose a life of crime?

Usage Note:
'criminal activity', 'a criminal offence', 'a criminal record', 'criminal law', BUT 'crime prevention', 'the crime rate', 'crime statistics', 'a life of crime'

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