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crit·i·cally /ˈkrɪtɪkli/ adverb

از روی انتقاد ، بطور بحرانی یا وخیم
crit·i·cally /ˈkrɪtɪkli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: critic, criticism; verb: criticize; adverb: criticallyuncritically; adjective: criticaluncritical]

1. critically ill/injured so ill or so badly injured that you might die ⇒ fatally:
Ten people died and thirty were critically injured in a rail crash yesterday.
She is still critically ill in hospital.

2. IMPORTANT in a way that is very important Synonym : crucially:
The success of the project depends critically on the continuation of this funding.
This is a critically important meeting.

3. SERIOUS/WORRYING in a way that is very serious and worrying Synonym : dangerously:
Food supplies are at a critically low level.

4. CRITICIZING in a way that shows you are criticizing someone or something:
Mike looked at her critically.
He has spoken critically of the government’s refusal to support the industry.

5. MAKING JUDGMENTS thinking about something and giving a careful judgment about how good or bad it is:
We teach students to think critically about the texts they are reading.

6. ART/LITERATURE according to critics who give judgments about art, films, theatre, and books:
The play was critically acclaimed (=praised by critics) when it opened in London last month.

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