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criticism /ˈkrɪtəsɪzəm, ˈkrɪtɪsɪzəm/ noun [uncountable and countable]

انتقادی ، نقد ادبی ، انتقاد ، عیبجویی ، نقدگری ، نکوهش ، قانون ـ فقه: انتقاد
- fault-finding, bad press, censure, character assassination, disapproval, disparagement, flak (informal), stick (slang)
- analysis, appraisal, appreciation, assessment, comment, commentary, critique, evaluation, judgment
Antonyms: commendation
Contrasted words: blurb, puff, hype, plug, promo
Related Idioms: bad press
Related Words: analysis, examination, study, commentary, observation, opinion, appraisal, assessment, estimate, rating, cavil, nit-picking, quibble, aspersion, censure, denunciation, blast, roast

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criticism S3 W2 /ˈkrɪtəsɪzəm, ˈkrɪtɪsɪzəm/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Word Family: noun: critic, criticism; verb: criticize; adverb: criticallyuncritically; adjective: criticaluncritical]

1. remarks that say what you think is bad about someone or something Antonym : praise
criticism of
My main criticism of the scheme is that it does nothing to help families on low incomes.
Despite strong criticism, the new system is still in place.
There has been widespread criticism of the decision.
We try to give students constructive criticism.
Another criticism levelled at him was that his teaching methods were old-fashioned.
The government’s economic strategy has attracted a lot of criticism.
You must learn to accept criticism.
Many employees find it hard to take even mild criticism.
His actions provoked severe criticism from civil rights groups.
the storm of criticism that followed his announcement

2. writing which expresses judgments about the good or bad qualities of books, films, music etc:
literary criticism

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I. expressing disapproval of sb/sth
ADJ. bitter, fierce, harsh, heavy, serious, severe, sharp, strident, strong, trenchant | telling A more telling criticism is that he reduces ethics to interpersonal relationships.
adverse, damaging, damning, hostile, negative, scathing | constructive, fair, just, justifiable, legitimate, valid She made a number of valid criticisms.
considerable, extensive, widespread | constant | basic, fundamental | main, major, substantial | minor, moderate | general | direct, explicit, outspoken | implicit, implied, indirect | fresh Two successive defeats have brought fresh criticism.
growing, increasing, mounting | media, press | public
QUANT. barrage The film star faced a barrage of criticism for his behaviour.
VERB + CRITICISM direct, express, level, make, voice Criticism was levelled at senior managers.
attract, be open to, be singled out for, come in for, come under, draw, face, get, meet with, prompt, provoke, receive The government came under fierce criticism for its policies. The proposal is open to several important criticisms.
avoid, deflect, escape, forestall, ward off She sought to deflect criticism by blaming her family.
accept, meet, reply to, respond to, take He finds it hard to take criticism.
counter, dismiss, reject She countered my criticisms by saying we had no choice in the matter.
imply None of what has been said should be taken to imply criticism.
offer to offer criticism and receive it
CRITICISM + VERB come from sb The harshest criticism came from right-wing ideologists.
centre on sth Criticism centred on the lack of information provided.
PREP. ~ about The main criticism about the information provided is that it arrives too late.
~ against criticisms against the European single currency
~ for They received criticism for continuing to supply the faulty goods.
~ from We are bound to face criticism from both sides.
~ of There has been serious criticism of the teaching methods used in the school.
~ over We came in for some sharp criticism over this decision.

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II. of a play, book, film, etc.
ADJ. practical, textual | academic, art, biblical, cultural, film, historical, literary, music, scientific, social | feminist, Marxist, structuralist

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strong/severe/heavy criticism
This decision attracted heavy criticism from environmental groups.
fierce/bitter/harsh/sharp criticism (=involving angry feelings)
The prison system has been the object of fierce criticism.
public criticism
As a politician, you have to get used to public criticism.
constructive criticism (=aimed at improving something or someone in a helpful way)
Praise and constructive criticism are both very useful.
widespread criticism
There was widespread criticism of his speech.
growing/mounting criticism
The government was faced with mounting criticism at home and abroad.
outspoken criticism (=said very openly and directly)
I was surprised by his outspoken criticism of the system.
implied criticism (=suggested indirectly, rather than said openly)
She sensed the implied criticism in his remarks.
draw/attract/provoke criticism (=be criticized)
The plan has drawn criticism from some groups.
come under criticism/come in for criticism (=be criticized)
The deal came under fierce criticism from other American airlines.
meet (with) criticism (=be criticized)
His theory met with harsh criticism from colleagues.
face criticism
He has often faced criticism in the local press.
accept/take criticism (=allow it and learn from it)
Very few people know how to accept criticism.
level criticism at somebody/something (=aim it at someone or something)
A great deal of criticism was levelled at the company.
single somebody out for criticism (=to criticize one person, organization etc specifically)
The goalkeeper was singled out for criticism.
be the subject of criticism/be subjected to criticism (=be criticized by people)
The club has been the subject of criticism since last October.
be open to criticism (=be willing or able to accept it)
Management have decided this and I don't think they're open to criticism.
be sensitive to criticism (=to react to criticism, often in a bad way)
He was highly sensitive to criticism in the press.
a storm/barrage of criticism (=a lot of criticism)
His comments provoked a barrage of criticism.

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BAD: The writer who did that criticism was unaware of the facts.
GOOD: The writer who made that criticism was unaware of the facts.

Usage Note:
make a criticism (of sth ): 'The committee has made four specific criticisms of the government's transport policy.'

BAD: My criticism on this type of journalism is that it is totally irresponsible.
GOOD: My criticism of this type of journalism is that it is totally irresponsible.

Usage Note:
criticism of sth : 'The most common criticism of the magazine is that it is poorly illustrated.'

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